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Adelaide Inner Circle (Adelaide) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Adelaide SA, Australia
Website: https://adelaideinnercircle.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adelaide.innercircle

Adelaide Inner Circle

Adelaide Inner Circle attracts the sexiest party people in the city, with plenty of fun and friendly swingers couples. The hottest party in Adelaide is always AIC. All of our ‘Meet and Greets’ are held at the classiest bars where you can mingle in style with the sexiest couples and single girls around. Sip cocktails and make some great new friends in a trendy and relaxed atmosphere in the company of an event hostess who will ensure everyone has someone to chat to. Later in the evening, you can decide whether or not to proceed to the naughty swingers after-party, usually held at an exclusive private venue.

After- parties are a chance to explore your sexual fantasies, or help other couples and singles make their fantasies real. Sometimes we secretly wish there were other singles or couples who indulged in fantasies like cuckolding, threesomes, dogging or some fetishes, you’d be surprised at how many do. Invitations are limited as Inner Circle Events are private and exclusive – your first step towards receiving an invitation is to submit your email address.

There is a criteria for those sexy couples and singles wanting to get in on the Inner Circle fun. Please note that Inner Circle members are professional, attractive and intelligent people in their early-20s to mid-40s, and are fit and healthy both mentally and physically. Our parties are not just ‘sex-parties’, they are sophisticated cocktail parties for those couples into ‘the scene’ and looking to meet others of a similar mindset.

There is no membership or consideration fees, all of our parties are free of charge to attend, thanks to the generous sponsorship of RedHotPie, the best singles and couples swingers dating and party site in Australia.

Dress Code

First impressions are always important, thus members are advised to dress up for the occasion. Our parties are for sexy couples and singles, so break out your hottest little dress and show off that sexy body! It’s a great chance to get dressed up and show off your style. We don’t expect just-off-the-runway fashion; just wear anything that looks good and makes you feel sexy. 

As a general guideline we suggest our attendees should follow a smart casual dress code, as all our ‘Meet and Greets’ are held at up-market bars that enforce this standard. [Eg: Men – collared shirt and suit pants, Women – cocktail dresses, chic glam outfits. No thongs (on your feet!)]

What should we expect at our first ever party?

If you are new to the swingers scene then you probably have many questions.

As for PIC, our parties are fun, relaxed events that are perfect for both new couples as well as those who are more experienced. There is no pressure to engage in anything sexual but as we do attract a good number of people, a sociable personality or a desire to meet new people is very helpful.


  • You must be a genuine couple to join IC and both partners must be attending freely and willingly. We do not mind play friends partnering up as a couple but if you arrive together, please leave together.
  • All our members are above average in appearance, intelligence, etiquette and discretion. We don’t wish to come across as picky but our aim is to encourage an environment of people who are mutually attractive to each other.
  • Our age range is between 18-40, but we are flexible with the age limit for those who meet our high standards.
  • First-timers are more than welcome, there is no obligation for anyone to do more than attend the ‘meet and greet’ drinks and see how things ‘click’.
  • Those who prefer photo and/or e-mail exchanges only should try an adult dating site.
  • IC is very exclusive and there is a selection process involved in determining if a couple is suited to joining, we make no apologies for this and all selection decisions are final. We also receive a lot of interest in our events so those who register early or have attended previously will be given preference.
  • Single women are always very welcome at our events, we make every effort to ensure single women feel comfortable. Singles ladies are welcome to attend with a female friend for moral support. If ladies wish to attend with a male friend, we may need to count you as a couple and look at our numbers before giving out an invite. We would like to get an idea of what a +1 looks like as well.
  • Single males may only attend our events through exclusive invitation via PIC and ONLY if the male/female ratio is balanced well.

Event Rules

Inappropriate Behaviour such as the following will NOT be tolerated at Inner Circle Events.

                Excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, abuse of other guests or staff, excessive swearing, theft, anti-social or attention-seeking behaviour, intimidation of ANY form, and not taking ‘NO’ for an answer.

Members who choose to exhibit inappropriate behaviour (including but not limited to those listed above) may be asked to leave the event by the event host or if necessary, by security. These rules apply to both the Meet & Greet and the after party. Respect for others is to be shown at all times.

Any member asked to leave an event will not be eligible to attend subsequent Inner Circle events.

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