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Cassiopeia (Prague) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Prague, Czechia
Phone: + 420 723 398 163
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.cassiopeia-swingers-klub.cz/


Welcome to website of our little amateur swingers club Cassiopeia, which originated in September 2004. We invite you to visit the intimate environment of the club to spend pleasant moments with friendly, communicative and tolerant people. In addition to bar club is equipped with three furnished rooms and proper sanitary facilities. Whether you are with us for the first time or you are our regular customers, our objective is to make you feel good and relaxed and your experiences have always been pleasant.

Flirt, familiarization, fun and party always on Saturday. Dates are given in section actions. Parking available, overnight stays possible.

Once, long time ago, we were very happy to attend a swingers party, held at the club LILIE in Dlouhopolsko. Unfortunately, this classy club is already a lot of years out of service. We stood suddenly before a decision, what to do. And because we love this kind of entertainment, we got the idea to offer the same kind of entertainment and build a new club, amateur, which would try to complete the offer of Prague swingers entertainment, outside.

This is a private amateur swingers club focused on the chamber, almost homely style intended for couples and women. The club is located almost on the border of middle and eastern Bohemia, not far from Čáslav.

The club is kept in the areas corresponding to the chamber, domestic style, to make it as much like home, not only you, who have experience with swingers, but also you who weren´t with us yet and thinking that you visit us. You will find everything, what is for this type of entertainment needed, including a bar with a wide choice of drinks and comfortable seating. There is recorded music so you can dance or spend pleasant moments in one of three elegantly decorated rooms. The club is equipped with adequate sanitary facilities and a cloakroom.

Amateur club Cassiopeia is located in rebuilt former family house owners for the purpose of such a focused club. There is thus no rent, and so there is no danger of extinction because of the club’s eviction from the building.

  • Parking is secured on the car park about 50 meters from the club, you can park in the club too.
  • Overnight is possible, after prior arrangement you can stay overnight on the premises of the club. Of course only after the party.

We offer insight into the club via some photos that will tell you how it looks at our club. You will get an overview of organized events and club dates.

Types of events, that we organize in the club

  • Classic swingers party – intended only for couples and solo women. This kind of events are not allowed to men themselves.
  • Bi swingers party for couples where the women are bi. Again, without the possibility of entering men themselves.
  • Opened swingers party – for couples and women who like a few extra solo men.

If you decide to visit us and spend a pleasant time with us in a peaceful society, you are hearty welcome.

First time

If you weren´t with us and never visited a swingers club and you aren´t decided if you will visit us, so we want to advise some important information to you.

Before visiting of swingers club is needed to clarify, how far you want go, what you want to participate and conversely what you don´t want to do. You will avoid the potential unpleasantness between you themselves. Believe, that other visitors haven´t an interest in following any jealous scene. It will becomes really only what you want yourself.

And how it goes with us? For us, this is mostly about meeting people with similar interests who want to spend together moments of amenity in a pleasant environment. After arrival we will show you our cloak room, where you can comfortably change your dress and lock your things into a locker. After that we will guide you through our club, so you can view all. You sit at a table in the bar or you can sit directly on the bar, where you can order food according to your taste, of course, according to club offer. We show you the barroom, where you can sit at a table or directly on the bar, where you can order food according to your taste, of course, according to club offers. We offer a refreshment by swedish tables form.

It is only your decision, whether you join in common fun or you just want to be together, just as you want yourself. To listen or to dance, will be played recorded music to you. To another entertainment will be available rooms with facilities to spend pleasant moments with the appropriate tools. Adequate sanitary facilities are commonplace.

Our parties are often thematically, we organize various competitions and social games, which can have a positive influence to the decision to visit us.

After agreement with us, there is no problem to rent the entire premises of our club just for you and your friends. It is then a closed party only for you.


In order to your comfort here and avoidance to unpleasant misunderstandings are specified the following club rules that must be respected.

  • Amateur swingers club Cassiopeia can be attended only by couples or single women. All participants must be over 18 years. Entry for solo men is allowed only in exceptional, the “OPEN” events which are notified in advance on our website.
  • Solo men can not attend on events intended exclusively for couples and single women. Simultaneously we have no interest in BI contacts among men.
  • Top age limit is not restricted. It’s up to you whether you visit us here.
  • Everything will happen during the joint party is based on absolute voluntary and consent of participants. Nobody shall be forced into anything. “NO” means “NO” is final and is not considered for insult. “NO” means “NO” is final and is not considered as insult.
  • Visitors of the club must be absolutely healthful.
  • Use of any drugs is strictly prohibited.
  • If couple or a group ask you for privacy, their wishes must be respected.
  • It is necessary to strictly keep the rules of safe sex, therefore condoms are available in the club.
  • In all areas of the club is prohibited to make any video and audio documents. (All photos shown on our site are here with the awareness and consent of the participants).
  • The obligation is to keep discreetnes about guests and happenings at the club.
  • Smoking is allowed only in the barroom.
  • We recommend you to bring suitable footwear, in which you feel comfortable and clothing suitable for a swingers club. The same goes for your eventual erotic aids.
  • Simultaneously, we reserve the right to refuse entry of persons who would make annoyances to other guests without any reason. The right of the club is that infringing of these rules may lead to expulsion from the club. Simultaneously, we reserve the right to refuse entry of persons who would make annoyances to other guests without any reason.

To participate in swingers party you have to make an appointment.

Up to 15 pairs fit into the club Cassiopeia. Due to the high interest in our actions is necessary to order your participation at the party by phone (of course you can also via SMS) or e-mail in time.

  • Orders via email must be sent until Friday 12:00 AM.
  • Orders by phone or SMS can be sent whenever even in the day of the event.
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