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Rumors (Tulsa City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: 12570 East 21st Street
Phone: (918) 270-9059
Website: https://myspace.com/rumorsnightclub_tulsa


Club Rumors: Everything you heard is true…

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Other local swingers parties in Tulsa

  • Oklahoma (OK) > Tulsa
  • Facebook and Instagram of sexual dating social networks. There is no place for many popular and successful social networks because if you use one or two – you will not use others, because you don’t have time and because you can already find all people at networks you use. So at the place which we will discover to you, you will find the most of sexually active people in your location and in locations you plan to visit. That place is in the top 2000 most visited websites of the world and has the biggest user base among sexual related social networks
  • Oklahoma (OK) > Tulsa
  • Number 1 non-censored dating app for swinger sex - the Tinder+Bumble+OkCupid+Badoo all in the same place, full of naked photos of bodies, dicks and vaginas of members who want only one thing: no string attached sex with you!
Just A Party
  • Tulsa > Tulsa City
  • All members are required to purchase a yearly membership for swingers club sex. Single male memberships are $50.00 and Couples memberships for swingers sex club are $25.00. Ladies’ memberships are $10.00. Entrance Friday nights are $50.00 for single men. Couples are $25.00. Members can BYOB. On-premise. Welcome to our swingers club & party!
Secrets – Tulsa
  • Tulsa > Tulsa City
  • Club Secrets Tulsa “where couples go to Play”   Who: Hosting a private members lifestyle for Tulsa swingers club hosting semi weekly events. Our events are for couples interested in the lifestyle, swingers parties in Tulsa.  Swinging also known as  “the lifestyle”.   Our events are byob/byol and are hotel events. Secrets has been hosting Lifestyle events for over 10 years now. Basic -PRIVATE PARTY -Membership requirements 21 yrs of age, understand basic lifestyle etiquette, No means no and follow rules of the event. Follow all club, city and state laws. This can be handled with an at the door agreement! We average over 100 couples per event. Secrets “Where couples come to play with each other”. Upcoming Events ~~~~ Tonight Friday…
Secrets TULSA
  • Tulsa > Tulsa City
  • Secrets Parties are held in big hotel ballroom and are BYOL. The hotel gives us a great rate starting $49.95 . The hotel has an great indoor pool/hot-tub for our use after the party. Our parties average between 140 to 250 people.
Syn In Tulsa
  • Tulsa > Tulsa City
  • Syn is a lifestyle club located in Tulsa, OK, and is considered the hottest club in the area.  We average 100-200 people per party, and the parties are always “SYNful”   Doors open at 8 party starts at 9 and early arrival is recommended due to limited space in parking and seating. Being new can be scary, even intimidating. Here is a bit of advice to help you navigate this freaky wonderful lifestyle New people tend to find themselves awash in their new experiences and tend to drift towards one of two groups. Those who think they can molest everyone… and those afraid they will be molested by everyone. { Neither of which is true… Don’t be that guy / gal Every now and then,…
  • Oklahoma (OK) > Tulsa
  • A best place to start and continue your insanely active and at the same time safe sexual life. It’s a way better to start it online and prepare for meetings in real life than do it at the bar or at the night club. Even sex/swingers clubs can be a great discouragement if you visit them without preparation. BTW most swingers clubs and local sex groups have their pages at the place we talk about.

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