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EROS Knoxville (Knoxville City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: 815 South Central Street, Knoxville, TN 37902, USA
Phone: (865) 686-5014
Email: [email protected] 
Website: http://www.erosknoxville.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Eros-Knoxville
Instagram: @erosknoxville

EROS Knoxville

Eros Knoxville is an upscale, private, members only social club, providing an exclusive community for those interested in the lifestyle.

Eros Knoxville Rules:

  • Everyone who enters the club must be an approved member.  Memberships can be submitted and approved at the door.  Membership is at the discretion of management and also subject to State, City & County legal requirements.  All persons requesting membership must have a valid form of ID such as a passport or driver’s license.
  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Cannot be a sexual offender. We verify this with the Tennessee Sexual Offender and Violent Offender Register.
  • Must have an active profile on Kasidie, SLS, or SDC.
  • To access the club your membership must be active.  Our standard membership is good for two (2) months.  Note: If your membership expires it is considered inactive until you renew your membership. You are still considered a member.
  • On your first visit we will verify your ID, and if you haven’t previously paid online, collect payment for your membership application fee, and the event fee (depending on what night you attend determines the amount). Then our club ambassadors will go over the club rules, explain the layout, answer any questions you may have and offer you a tour of the facilities.  After that the night is yours to explore, make friends, dance or just observe for your first visit.

Eros Knoxville Membership

Complete the online membership application. Your name, DOB, and address needs to reflect what is on your current driver’s license or passport.  This is used to verify who you say you are and that you meet the requirements for membership to our club.  False, fake or out-dated information or information will disqualify your application. Our records are private and confidential and are never divulged or used for any other purpose. We do NOT sell our membership list.

Once you have submitted your application and it is approved, you will be emailed a verification email.  If for some reason you do not receive this email, check your spam folder.  If it has not arrived within 24 hrs, send an email to request another email.

Events Fee:

There is an Event Fee for regular parties and events. Prices may differ for special events, so please check out website for special events.


  • Couples 25$
  • Single Females  5$
  • Single Males 25$


  • Couples 50$
  • Single Females  15$
  • Single Males  60$

2 month Membership Fee:

  • Couples 30$
  • Single Females  30$
  • Single Males  30$

For a couple on their very first visit who decide to get a two-month membership and want to visit on a Saturday night, the following would apply:

  • Membership Application Fee $30, and a Saturday night Event Fee $50. The total would be $80
  • If you decide to come back the following week on a Friday night. Note: your membership is still active. You do not need to reapply.  You only pay the Friday night event fee of $25.

Private VIP Room Rentals

Available nightly, our VIP room is a seductive private escape with special amenities including a private bathroom.  Once rented, members will be granted access to the room for the duration of the event, and may come and go as they please to have and host their own sexy private party.

Ruby Room = $ 125


Locker Usage

We offer locker access for each event.  Lockers are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Members are asked to provide their own locks.

Lockers are only to used for individual events and are not considered long-term storage.  Items left in lockers after an event will be removed and stored in lost and found.  Any locks that are left on lockers after an event will be cut off.

EROS Knoxville Dress Code:


  • The dress code will be strictly enforced and we advise everyone to get familiar with it prior to your visit of the club.  Our staff has the discretion to make determination on what outfit is deemed inappropriate. Much of that determination is based on the presentation of the outfit, if you dress sexy, but classy, then you are good.
  • Theme events – We regularly have special themed events, like our Back to School Party, those nights we encourage our guests to have fun with their outfits and forget about the regular dress code rules.
  • We recognize that sometimes our new guests and members are unfamiliar with the dress code, and we acknowledge that sometimes an exception to the rules can be made. That exception is made at the discretion of our staff. Please be respectful to our staff no matter what their decision is. We try to accommodate everyone in the best way possible.
  • We strongly believe that our dress code requirement increases the overall experience of our club and allows our guests to enjoy themselves at a higher level.
  • Over the summer, we are relaxing the dress code to allow men’s dressy shorts. We recognize that much warmer temperatures make long pants a less comfortable choice and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our club.


Club Eros Knoxville is an upscale nightclub providing you an opportunity to stand out in the crowd.  Sexy, Sassy, Flirty are all encouraged.  Skirts, Slacks, Lingerie, thigh high boots, corsets and stilettos all make great options.
Whatever makes you feel sexy and playful!

People familiar with the lifestyle tend to be a bit more provocative and risqué so you are encouraged to push your wild side.


  • NO T-Shirts
  • NO Loose Fitting or Baggy Jeans
  • NO Shorts
  • NO Sunglasses
  • NO Sandals
  • NO Tank Tops or Wife Beaters Shirts
  • NO Cargo Pants
  • NO Jogging Pants or Sweat Pants
    and unless the theme dictates
  • NO Hats (fedoras and stylish head wear can be an exception at the discretion of management)
  • NO Sports Attire (Sweats, Jerseys or Athletic Wear)

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  1. Are memberships of Bluegrass Secretes (BGS) accepted or recognized? We are planning a vacation next summer with some friends and are interested in possibly visiting EROS.

    Thank you,

    Randy and Trish

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