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Euphoria (Toledo City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Toledo, OH, USA
Website: https://toledoadultparties.com/


We are a couple who host monthly on premise, lifestyle hotel or house parties. We are known to throw in random meet and greets at strip clubs, restaurants, bars and other venues. Our parties and events are held in the greater Toledo/Northwest Ohio area. We offer a no pressure, safe, and fun atmosphere where like-minded adult couples and singles in the swinging lifestyle were you can meet, socialize, dance, drink, and get acquainted with new friends. These events are byob.

We supply ice, mixers, cups and a buffet at almost every event. The play areas consist of semi-private areas with sheer curtains that separate the beds or kinky play furniture. Group and voyeur areas available. When you find someone, who can make you – Laugh – Smile – Grow – Crave – Lust – Want – Feel – Dance – Sing – keep that. That’s Euphoria!!

If you’re looking for the best, well you’ve found it right here! Once you experience a Euphoria party you will be hooked! The people are classy, sassy and sexy as hell! Never have we felt more welcomed into a group of real down to earth friends as we have with this group. Their parties are so easy going and a blast to attend. The music will get you moving, the venues make you comfortable, staff is always friendly and drink prices are not outrageous. Looking forward to many, many future adventures with Club Euphoria! ;)~

Awesomesauce with a kick!!

Club Euphoria is owned by “assNabs” and is run through the adult swinger website “Swinglifestyle” or “SLS”. Club Euphoria hosts parties and other functions throughout the year where other like minded people can come and meet each other in a non judgmental, no pressure atmosphere.

Who can attend your parties?

Our parties cater mostly to couples and single ladies. We don’t approve or disapprove anyone based on skin color age or weight. Everyone is welcome at our functions as long as you come to party and show respect and courtesy to all our other guests.

Unlike many other parties, we do allow a select number of single men to attend. we limit this number to usually just a few and we screen them and hand pick them prior to their approval. We know that many couples enjoy the company of another male and we try to give everyone more options this way.

Are there rules that we must follow at your parties?

  • YES. First and most importantly, NO MEANS NO. We are all here to have a good time and if someone is not receptive to your advance, then please simply move on. Remember everyone is looking for something different, so don’t take it personal if someone is not interested in you.
  • Treat the establishments that we hold our parties in with respect. We want to continue to be invited back and hold great events for all of you, and this starts with us taking good care of the venue’s that we are partying at.
  • Most of our parties are bar takeovers, because we cannot risk the liquor license of the establishment, there can be no sex taking place at the bar. we want you to have a good time, dance sexy, touch all over each other and have a sexy erotic time. But when it comes to getting down and dirty you will have to take it back to a hotel or someone’s house.
  • We would hope that this goes without saying, but were here to make love not war. NO FIGHTING!
  • We love all our Euphoria family and would never want to see anything bad happen to any of you. Please don’t drink and drive! it’s not worth it.

What should I wear?

We always have a theme listed for our parties. We encourage everyone to dress for the party theme, however this is not a requirement. You may come dressed in whatever sexy attire you wish, just remember this is basically dating as a couple, so dress to impress!

Men often do not dress for the theme and that’s also perfectly fine. Guys keep it classy and look your best for party night!

What is this donation all about?

We ask that evey couple and single male make a donation upon arival at the party, usually it’s only about 20$ but it can go up or down depending on the venue. This donation money helps keep club Euphoria going and allows us to keep planning bigger and better parties for all of you!

Pictures and Video

There is NO picture taking or video recording at anytime while at our parties. This is out of respect for everyone’s privacy. We’re sure you all can understand and appreciate this.

Is everyone just having sex everywhere?

No, in fact as stated in our rules portion, there is no sex allowed on premise. But more than that swinging is about much more than just having sex. You will meet the most wonderful open minded people that you have ever met in your life. While sex is clearly a great part of what the swinging “Lifestyle” has to offer, it is about so much more than that, and you’ll find amazing people to befriend and fullfil your fantasies with at any Euphoria party.

A few “Lifestyle” terms, for the newbies.

  • BBW- Big Beautiful Women.
  • BDSM- Bondage, Discipline, SadoMasochism
  • DVP- Double Vaginal Penetration.
  • DP-Double Penetration, simultaneous Vaginal and Anal.
  • Exhibitionism- Showing off in public for others.
  • Full Swap- Full penetration sex with the with another couple.
  • Soft Swap- Basically everything goes except actual penetration.
  • BBC- Big Black Cock
  • Unicorn- A single female active in the lifestyle.
  • Voyeur- Someone who enjoys watching others.


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