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Exotic Fantasies Convention (White Haven) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: White Haven, PA, USA
Phone: 610-929-4684
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.exotic-fantasies.com/

Exotic Fantasies ConventionExotic Fantasies ConventionExotic Fantasies ConventionExotic Fantasies Convention

A Swinging Hot Time


Exotic Fantasies is offering you a complete lifestyle package, taking you to a new level of personal excitement, not just another weekend getaway. We are offering you a FUN filled long weekend including non-stop activities that will be sure to put a smile on your face and make you want to return again and again to this annual event.



October 17th – 20th 2019
Complete Resort & Spa Take Over
Pocono Mountains
White Haven, PA
Couples & Single Females
(included in Convention Package)

  • Themed Dance Parties*
  • Happy Hour specials in the bar
  • Karaoke During Happy Hour
  • 24-hour Clothing Optional Heated Pool (Thursday, Friday & Saturday,
  • Equipped Dungeon
  • “Live Entertainment” on Friday & Saturday Night
  • Multiple Vendors for your Adult & Fetish needs
  • A Wide Variety of Seminars and/or Demonstrations
  • Hottest MILF Contest – Sponsored by Hedonism II
  • Welcome Package at Check-In
  • Wet T-Shirt Contest
  • Daily Door Prizes and Game Prizes
  • Costume Prizes for a 1st and 2nd place both Friday and Sat Nights
  • Much More


Tantric Erogenous Zones
Presented by: Michaels & Johnson

“Tantric sex” often involves building and prolonging arousal. The Tantric, Tamil Siddha, and Ayurvedic traditions have long recognized specific zones of the body that are particularly responsive to stimulation, and systematically stimulating these zones can help produce high states of arousal. This system was introduced by Dr. Jonn Mumford in 1976 and is still little known. In this workshop, we will introduce you to these zones and the basic principles for working with them systematically.

Chakras and Sexuality
Presented by: Michaels & Johnson

The basic aspects of the classical chakra system are familiar to many, but some of the lesser-known components can be very effective for exploring your inner world and enhancing your pleasure. You don’t have to believe in the physical reality of the chakras to use them as tools for sensual exploration.

Massage Cupping
Presented by: Brad

The seminar goals are to learn basic cupping techniques and get comfortable with performing the cupping techniques, with the option to experience the cupping yourself. This is a massage modality that you will find is both easy to learn and highly beneficial. A few of the many benefits of cupping include: the removal of toxins and stagnant chi, improved blood flow to the area, cupping releases tight and obdurate muscular ischemia (knots), and helps loosen tight fascia. We will be using plastic suction cups, no flame or glass cupping will be involved. Contraindications, placement of cups and duration of cupping will all be discussed and explored. This ancient and holistic practice could be a tool for you and your partner, helping you both to sustain optimal health.

Lap Dance for Couples
Presented by: Pretty Kitties

Bring your partner for this saucy hands-on class and learn together the skills that are used to entice your lover and how your lover and be a supportive “Lap” and take cues from the dancer. Plus, fun role-playing dance combinations will be included for whatever type of “lap dance” mood you’re in.

The Art of Belly Dance
Presented by: Pretty Kitties

Beginner belly dance technique and combinations. Come learn this ancient and mysterious art form that’s veiled in sensuality and used for generations as a method of healing the body.  The workshop covers a little on the history of belly dance plus beginner level movements and its’ healing properties. Class ends with putting together basic moves for a combination to show off to your lover(s). Kitties will be dress in full cabaret belly dance attire with hip wraps for the guests to use during class.

Boobs and Balls
Presented by: Ian Michaels and Trophy Wife

(Intermediate) This workshop is co-lead by Ian Michaels and Trophy Wife.  We will explore the ways to tie breasts in various manners depending upon the desired effect.  We will also demonstrate how to tie the male anatomy as well.  This can be either decorative, sensual or sadistic depending upon the methods used.

Intimate Rope Play
Presented by: Ian Michaels and Trophy Wife

(Intermediate) If you’re like most people, you learn some knots, maybe a chest harness or hip harness and then you’re left wondering what’s next? Maybe you’ve seen those cool suspensions at a party, but your skills just aren’t there yet. This workshop is designed to bring intimacy and sensuality into your rope play. Through the use of various exercises, you’ll discover that tying your bottom within their personal space is not just more intimate, it’s more rewarding.  Don’t want to start on the floor, that’s ok.  You’ll see and then practice, tying your bottom while standing and then slowly bring them to the ground, if so desired.  You will come away with a whole new appreciation for rope without having to suspend your bottom.  You’ll also practice staying connected to your bottom throughout your scene, even when adding rope.  This workshop is useful to newbies, as well as experienced players.

Decorative Ties and Weaves
Presented by: Ian Michaels and Trophy Wife

(Intermediate) This workshop will be a hands-on experience as we instruct the participants on how to break the rules of bondage.  We will instruct the participants on how to tie decorative chest and/or hip harnesses without the use of knots.  Depending upon time constraints, participants will learn to tie a hishi karada, a weave chest harness, a weave hip harness, and a gravity boot weave.

Equipment Needed:  None

Wax Play
Presented by: Ian Michaels

(Introductory) This workshop is designed to show participants how to participate in wax play in a safe manner.  The participants will learn how to safely prepare their play space.  They will also learn various ways in which to apply and remove wax in a safe and sane manner.

Electric Sensation Play
Presented by: Mistress Orchid

Mistress Orchid will be teaching about the violet wand. This class is intended to teach those who have never played with the toy all the way to those who have large collections of gear. Come to the class, have some fun, and learn some new techniques.  This will be a hands-on class. If you have a violet wand or accessories, feel free to bring them. Mistress Orchid will be bringing toys to share and play with as well

Tens unit will also be covered in this class

Flogging Basics
Presented by: Mistress Kye

Flogging can have the misconception of equaling pain. Although considered ‘impact play’ there’s LOTS more to Flogging. This class demonstrates ‘how to’ ranging from sensual/sensation play too hard strikes while teaching safety and after care.  This is an open Q & A class that encourages attendees to ask questions along with some hands-on demo.

Intro to Femdomme
Presented by: Mistress Kye

FemDomme is an ever growing dynamic that more & more couples are exploring.
This class is an open Q & A along with information on how to get started. Attendees are encouraged to ask, ask, ask. We’ll discuss initiating the FemDomme dynamic, simple requests to get him engaged in his role, getting Her into the role of Dominant, safe play & having fun.

“SWING-STYLE” Round Table Session
Presented by: Sean and Michele Andersen of Sex Positive Coaching

Join us for a zesty, interactive round table discussion with a variety of LIFESTYLE experts in the field…..YOU!   Lifestyle coaches, Michele & Sean Andersen (www.ForAllSeasonsLifeCoaching.com) will facilitate our circle by kicking off the session with their own personal, amusing and enlightening stories of their 16 years of “sexploration.” The “LIFESTYLE” is a generic term used for those in open relationships where sexual play may occur among consenting adults.  It is a way of living life with a new sense of sexual freedom and fun. But it can also be a new geographic territory with no road map and lots of obstacle courses.  This round table session allows us to come together as a “community” and share our tribal knowledge.  We can share what has worked, lessons-learned, and in this safe space, be vulnerable to ask for helpful insights.   This session is open to everyone regardless of partnership status.

Swinging 301: Female Bi-Sexuality for Couples & Single Ladies
Presented by: Sean and Michele Andersen of Sex Positive Coaching

What does it mean to identify as Bi-Sexual? Bi-Curious? Bi-Social? What types of sexual engagements are possible? Are there expectations? What are my boundaries and how do I communicate them? If applicable, what is the role of the male partner in the sexual encounter? How do I find partners and practice “safer sex”? Class is open to ladies and couples.

Pop Your Cherry Ice Breaker
Presented by: Sean and Michele 

Join us for a fun, social meet and greet where you will connect with others on the exhilarating adventure of “BEING” in the life style!  Get to know your fellow Lifestyle Adventurers for the FUN possibilities of what the LIFESTYLE looks like for ALL LEVELS of sexual explorers. Step outside your comfort zone and increase your sexual self-confidence and people-relating skills so you have the tools for a successful Lifestyle weekend!  Come with an open mind and a playful curiosity.

Eroticism (Demo)
Presented by: Ms. Lady

I’ve created this “class” for a touch of everyone to “enjoy.”  Whether this whole lifestyle is new to you, or you have been in it for a long time and need some spice in things.  If you’re a seasoned player who likes it a little rough and wants to learn how to soften it up a bit and bring it in the bedroom, then this is for you. If you are into the adult lifestyle but not so sure of the “kink lifestyle”, let me show you a view you may not have thought about before…

Eroticism, the quality that causes sexual feelings…. this quality may be found in many forms that some may not even think about or understand.  What works for one may not always work for another, and sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know. So let me bring you into my world for a little and show you simply another way to bring some heat into the room.

Demystifying BDSM
Presented by: Ms. Lady, Mistress Schari and Mistress Kye

A round table sort of workshop that allows you to bring your questions and concerns about the lifestyle to answers and knowledge. We ask if you have an anonymous question that you would like to ask, please write it on a small piece of paper before the class and place it in the basket as you walk in.  We will answer questions from the audience as well as anonymous questions from those shyer. Believe us when we say, if you have the questions in your head, so does someone else.

Heating up Your Massage
Presented by: Art_Amiss

Learn techniques to heat up your massage.  This class will focus on beginner techniques and safety measures to help you heat things up and limit the risk.  Come learn how to use mousse in a fun way! We will study how to follow a trail and students will get a chance to heat things up for themselves.

Do Nice Girls Dom? (and nice boys too!)
Presented by: Mistress Schari
So you have always been the nice girl, the good girl, and now your partner has asked you to become a Dominant… sounds intriguing right? Maybe your partner read 50 Shades of Gray and now she’d like you to dominate her, but your whole life you were told to never hit a girl, what now? This is the class you want to be in! Being a Dominatrix or a Dominant isn’t about being a certain type of person, it’s not even about gender or sexuality. You can be a great Dom and still win the miss congeniality award. Mistress Schari is going to teach you how to discover your inner dominant, embrace the new freedom that comes with it, and give you the tools needed to handle your partner LIKE A BOSS!
Kink Class for Couples
Presented by: Mistress SchariSo you have read the book or seen the movie… now what? Mistress Schari will teach you how to keep 50 Shades in your bedroom and out of the ER!! Our Kink Class for Couples is your perfect opportunity to do something as a couple to spice up your love life and have fun in the process. Our couples’ workshop is designed for those of you who wish to take it to the next level through safe, sane and consensual play. Taught by both trained professionals and experienced players within the BDSM community, this class covers basic BDSM etiquette, language, technique, and tools. You will have the opportunity to learn about BDSM play and practices through a tastefully demonstrated presentation and interactive experience comfortable for all levels.

Kinky Yoga/Yoga for Sex/Yoga for Play
Presented by: Mistress Orchid

Get the most out of your play time! Do some fun yoga that is specifically designed for sex and kink play. Open your hips for sexy time, and your shoulders for play time! Easy modifications will be provided for the first timer. The class is intended for the novice (even if disabilities are present) all the way to the experienced yogi! Bring a mat or large towel, a strap and/or hand towel, and water. Tie your hair back and get ready for a good time!

Strap-On Play for Men and Women
Presented by: Mistress Susan

Using a Strap-On Harness can be a fun addition to any kind of play! Come learn Girl-On-Girl, Girl-On-Guy, Guy-On-Girl, and Threesome/ Multiple Party Play!!! I will show you how to choose your harness, choose your dildo, choose your lube, and how to use it all!! This class is a lot of fun, and includes many harnesses and dildos to try out! Come ready to volunteer or just watch!

VAGINAL FISTING: Is a Hand in the Bush better than Two Birds? WE THINK SO!
Presented by: Gabby & Dawn

Join us and learn about the fine art of vaginal fisting.  Not just for kink players, the intense sensations experienced while fisting (for both the fister and the fistee) can’t be compared to anything else! We’ll cover the most important aspect of fisting activity: safety. Vaginal fisting carries risk; guidelines presented will help you avoid problems and minimize the potential for injury. We’ll have an anatomy lesson before we demonstrate this fine art and learn about the most sensitive areas of the body. Couples who wish to experience fisting are encouraged to attend. A door prize, “A Hand in the Bush” by Deborah Addington, will be awarded at the end of the session.

SPANK – Spanking 101:
Presented by: Miss Lydia

How to spank… Safety, implements, and potions to use. How to make it fun in the bedroom or make it work in your relationship

It’s all about the boys – CBT 101:
Presented by: Miss Lydia

Learn the sensual side to CBT, safety, and how both parties can enjoy it.

Sensual Movement for Sensual Play
Presented by: Jill Bowers

In this workshop, a blend of Tai Chi, yoga and meditation will help participants gain greater body awareness to deeply connect with their sensuality for more fulfilling solo or partner play.

Presented by: Bob Sleeper

Take better pictures of your partner.
This course will give you tips to improve your profile images no matter what camera you are using.

Couples Massage
Presented by: Jodie

Do your hands hurt after 5 minutes of trying to give your spouse a massage??


Learn how to massage your partner, easily, from the comfort of your own home. Class is designed for all levels of beginners. Even if you have never had a massage before, you can learn in this class. Enjoy learning a relaxing massage technique you can use on your partner, and one they can use on you too! I will teach you a way that you can continue to do this for years to come.

Offering private therapeutic massage sessions: 90 min $100, 60 min $70, and 30 min $35.
Text 717-916-7471 to set up an appointment.


More classes coming soon



While we try our best to keep you updated and informed on the seminars that are going to be offered, this may only be a partial list and is subject to change.


Play Rooms

Ladies Only Room

Sponsored Coming Shortly


Swing Room

Sponsored by Connection Travel



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Black Light Room

Sponsored by Catwalk Fantasies


Group Room

Sponsored by Exotic Fantasies Parties


Additional Sponsorship Available call 610-929-4684 or 484-955-9602 for info.


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