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KC Book Club Swingers House Party (Kearney) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: 11823 Plattsburg Road, Kearney, MO, USA
Twitter: @kc_book
Kik: KCBookClub

KC Book Club Swingers House PartyKC Book Club Swingers House PartyKC Book Club Swingers House PartyKC Book Club Swingers House PartyKC Book Club Swingers House PartyKC Book Club Swingers House Party

We are in Liberty, Missouri area. KC Book Club events are only visible to Couples & Single Females.

KC Book Club sits on five acres of total and complete privacy! Therefore you can wear anything you like inside and outside of the venue… We keep things more affordable by allowing you to bring your own drinks and whatever else you’d like… You do not have to be in theme, people wear whatever they fell most comfortable/sexy in.
Parking is free.
$25 at the door per each person to share the costs of the Book Club venue and Playrooms  Reading Rooms.

Everyone is comfortable at our events: Nudity not required on the main floor Innocent but we hear that lower level Playrooms erm… ‘Reading Rooms’ are more enjoyable Au Naturel, why not come and find out… Wink

Sign up! As an invited guest you will be given our address and full access to our Reading Rooms. We also have a sizable dance floor with a dance pole.

We are the real deal. The ‘No Single Men’ rule is by request of about 100+ couples from events we hosted before there even was a KC Book Club. We have held private KC Book Club meetings for years now, ask around…. At KC Book Club, we look for nice, discrete couples to enjoy themselves in a friendly, respectful environment. We have capacity for more.

KC Book Club is the premier, now famous Midwest location for couples who enjoy mixing their Lifestyle pleasures! KC Book Club is a kink friendly, swinger friendly, curiosity friendly environment, ready to welcome you and your friends for a great evening of social, sensual fun!

KC Book Club was featured on national Lifestyle podcasts – we have couples who drive here every Saturday from as far away as Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, to visit and mingle with their friends here from Missouri and Kansas. There is nothing like KC Book Club anywhere in the Midwest.

Events and parties are hosted in a beautiful, large venue – custom built for entertaining, and are ‘Bring your own everything’… BYOE.
Soft drinks are provided, as are hors d’oeuvres, ice, soda mixers, bottled water, etc.

There is also a large, social space for getting to know new friends, and a spacious dance floor for getting your groove on! KC Book Club also absolutely has play spaces for kink and Lifestyle activities.

KC Book Club sits on five acres of private land with no prying eyes. KC Book Club is in the Liberty, Missouri area. Liberty Triangle is one exit away – it is one of the largest concentrations of hotels and retail stores in Kansas City metro. All major restaurant chains, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, department stores and hotels are mere minutes away – making KC Book Club a convenient destination for everyone who is anyone in the Lifestyle in the Midwest.

As weather warms, there will be ‘clothing optional’ outdoor activities such as volleyball and swimming pool fun, sunbathing area and more.

Contact KC Book Club for more info on upcoming events and special themed evenings.
KC Book Club is open every Saturday. KC Book Club will also open on any week night 10+ couples request it to be open. Tell your friends about us and come join in the fun!

Make KC Book Club your date night!


Lower level Playrooms are new. We have multiple King beds and multiple double Queen beds. There are multiple private rooms…. From swings to other accessories, KC Book Club abounds with pleasure activities.

We also have exclusive private overnight “Reading Rooms” on the upper level which someone can use to “read” for the entire night.
Let us know if you would like one of the private rooms instead of getting a hotel or driving home…

Room 1 has this Casa Mollino Canopy Bed. Both rooms have these two brand new mattresses which we took out of the shrink-wrap for KC Book Club:

All new mattresses in all Playrooms are protected with this:

Standard Disclaimer: By attending KC Book Club, you are solely responsible for yourself and people in your party and you assume all liability for anything that happens to you / your possessions. All guests are required to read and obey KC Book Club Rules posted at KC Book Club main door entrance.
KC Book Club has touchless infrared temperature measurement stations at the main entrance.


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  1. Hi how do I sign up to come to the kc book club? I’m apart of a couple and were highly interested in more info on your establishment. Thanks

  2. Hi We are interested in checking the book club out , we have been to nudist resorts but would like to see a play room and watch a little to see how comfortable it would be for us thank you

  3. Hi, this is Eddie, I own KC Book Club. You listed my place here https://allswingersclubs.org/swingers-club/kc-book-club-swingers-house-party/
    The official handle for KC Book is KCBookClub, the twitter handle you published on this page is not from me, it is fake. Official handles are always KCBookClub
    Also someone in your comments section posed “Feel free to reach us at KC at +1 504… etc.”
    This is *not* a KC Book Club number, KC Book Club number is unpublished, but people can reach me by KiK, the handle is KCBookClub.
    I would be grateful if you removed the false twitter account and the false phone numbers from your page as they are imposters.

  4. Interested in attending in June with my partner . On Kasidie site with name provided. We are new to the swingers lifestyle.

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