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L’Sota (Cedar Rapids) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
Phone: (319) 329-3306
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://lsota.com/


L’Sota began in Cedar Rapids with a few couples who would get together a few times a year at a “no-tell” motel. That began the foundation of the club in 1988. The number of couples grew to eight, which was more than could fit comfortably lying down in a motel room. Even in 1988, the get-togethers were true swinging and swapping of couples

The location changed in 1990 to on-premise parties where the couple count multiplied into the twenty’s. Also in 1990 the name L’Sota (Lifestyle of the Adults) was chosen. In 1990 through 1992 the primary function of L’Sota was to meet, indulge “swing” and go home. In late 1992 the camaraderie and friendships as well as the sexuality that grew from L’Sota members was very evident. Off-premise Dance Blasts began on a quarterly basis. The club grew to three times what it previously was and continued to expand, not only in size but in quality as well.

With the continued growth came additional changes, and in 1994 monthly Dance Blast Socials as well as the general L’Sota on-premise (house parties) continued to expand. In 2000 the on-premise (house parties) stopped as more attention was directed and placed towards Dance Blasts and at the same time, Play Nights were added, both as off-premise events.

In 2003 L’Sota made the decision to take the summers off from Dance Blasts giving members as well as the hosts a breather from a monthly schedule of Dance Blasts. Play Nights continued through out the summer on a monthly basis.

The floods of June 2008 in Cedar Rapids added a new dimension to L’Sota’s swing site locations in Cedar Rapids. As supply and demands goes, L’Sota was looking at huge increases in motel costs as one of the dance locations flooded out. Rather then pass along to it’s membership high rooms rates and dance costs due to the large increase in ballroom costs, L’Sota so happened was contacted to do Dance Blasts in the Quad Cities area.

Locations that were affordable were found in the fall of 2008 in the Quad Cities area. Very few locations tn the Quad Cities area were actually suited for the L’Sota Dance Blasts. For L’Sota, not just any location would do for it’s members. Never the less, Dance Blasts were held in the Quad Cities area until the spring of 2011.

After two years, (2011) L’Sota returned to the Cedar Rapids Iowa area. Not taking the summer off, L’Sota elected in the summer of 2011 to undertake the challenge of doing monthly camp outs. These camp outs did turn out to be very sexsational events indeed.

L’Sota really did desire to and did come home for the remaining 2011 L’Sota swing season.

In 2012, monthly Dance Blasts continues, back home, in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. Play Nights also is located in the Cedar Rapids area. Thus, L’Sota’s excellence has made even more improvements and moved its Dance Blasts totally back to the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.

With your help and support, L’Sota will continue to grow and shall only get better, not only in the number of couples and single females that attend but much more importantly, the quality of the membership. L’Sota is YOUR CLUB! Your suggestions, as well as your ideas, are always welcomed as well as certainly appreciated.

L’Sota is always seeking quality experienced couples and single females that desire to take an active part within the club as co-hosts, mentors as well as advisors on the board. If you’re one of the very special couples that would enjoy helping, we would love to hear from you. Let’s sit down over an iced tea.

With dances scheduled in the Cedar Rapids area in 2015, L’Sota will also have some very special events.

L’Sota is the premiere “adults only”/”members only” social club for all of Iowa, Illinois and the Midwest. L’Sota has always been and shall always be the upscale adult “members only” adult swing club with upscale accommodations and functions. You deserve only the finest, that is what you shall receive at L’Sota.

When you expect only the finest, then your choice can only be L’Sota. If friendship is important to you, you’ll discover that at L’Sota. If total discretion is important to you, you’ll discover that at L’Sota. If you’re a true hedonist couple or single female desiring to party and play discreetly, you will certainly discover that at L’Sota. Meet other like-minded adults, party, relax and enjoy the fun at L’Sota.

L’Sota has always offered discreet, safe, fun, and secure settings where adult couples and adult “single” females meet, mingle, dance, have fun and even “play” with other like-minded adults.

Single women, as well as couples, simply love L’Sota! We DO NOT PERMIT ANYONE to “bother” or pressure single ladies, or anyone for that matter to do anything they are not 110% comfortable doing!

L’Sota has evolved, this is what L’Sota looks like in 2018. NO memberships required to attend. NO Orientation required. All ID’s will be checked and a hold harmless agreement shall be signed by everyone in attendance.

L’Sota is a “not for profit” club. All donations associated with attending a L’Sota function goes directly to help offset and pay the costs of the venue, music and all the other expenses.

It does cost money to put on events as well as a much time involved. Let’s face it, “some” expect FREE parties, Free drinks, Free Orgy Rooms, Free DJ, Free this that or the other etc.

How many “recreational” activities can one do totally FREE? Fishing, hunting, boating, bowling, racing, flying….You get the point.

When just the DJ equipment cost $10,000.00 plus and one adds a large music library at a cost of .65 to 1.19 per song, the costs are amazing. Now factor in website and hosting costs, cell costs, the costs to rent a ballroom and a hospitality room and playroom….not factoring time and there is a lot of that, it adds up very quickly.

People often talk about “there are not as many swing clubs as there once was”. Do they really wonder why? On top of that, you’ll have those that talk behind your back, criticize your venue, your music, and even you personally?

Sure, a free Meet & Greet at a bar is one thing but to provide all the extras that true swing club owners put into a top of the line swing club?

The hosts of L’Sota have been totally involved in swinging a.k.a. the Lifestyle for well over 25 plus years. We actually do live and believe in the Alternative Adult Lifestyle on a daily basis. We truly care about your success within (call it what you may). The LifeStyle, Swinging, Swapping or simply sexually playing respectfully with others.

L’Sota warmly welcomes every adult and every shape, size and colors from any Alternative Lifestyle, including but not limited to; straight couples, straight single females, bisexual couples, bisexual single females, as well as straight and bi, gay single males, lesbian couples and lesbian singles. Friendly and fun is L’Sota.

Everyone is invited to attend, Couples as well as Single Females. Single Males will be permitted to attend Dance Blast Socials on a “very limited basis”.

The age of those attending L’Sota range from those in their 20’s to 60 plus. What we have found over the years is that mid-30ish to 40ish is an average age.

L’Sota has a perfect mix of all ages. Something for most everyone, it’s like attending a sexual Smorgasbord. If you as a couple or single female are REALLY into pure hedonistic playtime with others, L’Sota is for you!

L’Sota is NOT a club to attend to see how much you can drink. Everyone wants to party with you not over you. L’Sota IS a true adult Swing Club, where YOU, if you’re desire is to get naked and enjoy other like-minded adults without feeling uncomfortable, you can do that.


1) Do you want to meet other couples and singles that, like yourself, have no agenda(s) other than to simply enjoy as well as explore their sexuality?

2) Do you truly want to sexually enhance your relationship?

3) Do you and your partner have a great relationship?

4) Do you as well as your partner both agree that swinging – playing – as well as providing and receiving sexual pleasures from others, it that your desire?

5) Do you as a couple or as a single truly have a very high libido?

6) Are you concerned about discretion?

7) As a couple, are you both sexually on the same page?

8) Are you seeking quality couples and single females or males?

9) Are you as a couple or single totally secure with your personal sexuality?

10) Do you practice excellent personal hygiene and expect all playmates to do the same?

11) As a single female are you seeking sexual fulfillment without all the “crap” that so often goes along with a “relationship”?

12) As a male of a couple are you honestly interested in your female partner experiencing as well as experimenting with other males/females?

If you answered “YES” to all of the above questions, you are most certainly right for L’Sota!

If you answered “YES” to a few, L’Sota may be right for you. We may even be able to help you become more comfortable with your body as well as your sexuality.

L’Sota doesn’t do CLIQUES! Most couples and singles that attend L’Sota have friends outside of the Lifestyle as well as most live very busy lives with families, thus have very little spare time. Many have no desire to take an “entourage” out to dinner. How many may not even have the time to even take their partner out to dinner?

In the motel/hotel settings the ballrooms are secure non – smoking, private with professional DJ’s playing your favorite dance music and taking your requests from current Pop-Rock – Club Mixes – Oldies – House- Techno – Blues – Country and all your requests. The professional sound and light system that is used is simply incredible. Many weddings, as well as general parties, outdoor and corporate events, are played by these DJ’s.


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