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One Love Sea Mountain One Love Temple -Lifestyles Nude Retreat (Las Vegas City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Sea Mountain One Love Temple, East Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89121, United States
Phone: +1 702-497-2936
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.nuderesortvegas.com/

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Best lifestyles resort club in the world by Playboy and Maxim and the LA Times!
Lifestyles Parties and Events each day and night of the year.

 Sea Mountain One Love One Love Nude Day Club Las Vegas – A Lifestyles Experience – Clothing Optional – Nude- couples and women only – Nude lifestyles club lifestyles experience every day of the year.

Las Vegas nude resort a Las Vegas nude retreat. Las Vegas Topless pools and couples only 24-hour dance club 24-hour music at the One Love nude Las Vegas Pools.


No matter the weather the most romantic resort in the world.

The most exclusive romantic lifestyles experience in the world. Embed yourself in the meditation of romance and sacred healing. Guests from all over the world have claimed the Las Vegas Nude and Lifestyles Center the best in the world.

The One Love Temple Philosophy includes the tenet that ONE must retreat and rejoice and find passionate love with your love to give you the strength to help perfect the universe. Only with rest and healing may we find the strength to uplift others and Help the nation and our city to become strong and benevolent.

Come to the most unique and upscale lifestyles temple on earth and see where desire can be achieved by positive loving each day and night of the year.  The Sea Mountain One Love Experience brings Passion, love and a sacred PARTY to the land of Las Vegas.

An adults-only day club and night retreat with sunlit day beds, cabanas, and 5 diamond retreats.

  • See why Playboy®, TMZ and the LA Times called Sea Mountain – the Best place to be nude and most romantic lifestyles club in the world.
  • VH1 has called Sea Mountain the ultimate Celebrity Secret and most sensual escape in the USA.
  • TMZ hails Sea Mountain Inn as the impenetrable privacy fortress for the rich and famous to mingle with friends from around the world with no photos or paparazzi allowed anywhere on the Temple of Love Radius.
  • The New York Times lists Sea Mountain Inn as the only nude retreat to recommend in the U.S.A.
  • Sea Mountain has been in the last 7 years of best of LA Magazine, LA Weekly, MTV best of and Playboy lifestyles ultimate experience.
  • AOL. Yahoo and Microsoft  Top Lifestyles Destination.
  • Best of Spafinder, Maxim, FHM, Newsweek, and Swingers Of USA best of the world.
  • Tripadvisor has given Sea Mountain a lifetime of distinction award.
  • Casino World has declared Sea Mountain the ultimate erotic experience for couples only Las Vegas best topless pool, Vegas.com best couples spa, and club.
  • Sea Mountain Las Vegas  Temple is a Judaeo Buddhist retreat that includes beverages and foods and nude pools to refresh your spirit and enhance your love. Las Vegas lifestyles club.
  • Enjoy Dance – Top optional and Nude Pool and Whirlpool to retreat and rejuvenate.  These special lifestyles experiences are for couples and women only there are no single men ever at the Temple of One Love Sea Mountain Las Vegas nude pools.
  • The One Love Temple includes the renowned DHARMA CLUB a lifestyle and Las Vegas Swingers dance lounge 24 hours per day with dance and sexy DJs and the magical POLE a lingerie and less experience.
  • The Sea Mountain Las Vegas lifestyles club and Las Vegas Nude resort are filled with song and laughter with dance of light each night and nude pools and hot water gardens each day of the year. Enjoy our elegant and sensual pools every day and night of the year no matter the season.
  • The Sea Mountain Las Vegas One Love Temple has spent 20 years perfecting an adults-only romantic and meditative vacation experience. A safe private nobody shaming experience.  The resort has towels and robes for your private protection.
  • Come to the most unique and upscale lifestyles temple on earth and see where desire can be achieved by positive loving each day and night of the year.  The Sea Mountain One Love Experience brings Passion, love and a sacred PARTY to the land of Las Vegas. Las Vegas day club night club and nude resort.

Many people come from around the world to experience year-round tanning and wonderful spring-like weather on most days.  365 days of relaxation and retreat. The Nude las vegas retreat has warm areas and waters each day of the year.

Limo service available 24 hours – Private plane and Rolls Royce available for those seeking the ultimate of travel, contact concierge services.

Because of the exclusive nature of the property and to protect the privacy of our guests, a map and your VIP directions will be given only after you have booked a stay in this most awarded special place.

You shall drift away in positive energy.  Dive deep into the meditative warm waters of baths and whirlpools, wrapped in oils and Zen products from 50 nations. Retreat to your personal Cabana surrounded by art from around the globe.  Nude pools and soft and raucous sounds and enchanting scents surround you.  Your day, your lifestyles, your night, your moment, a vacation unlike any other.  Stress melts away in bliss and satisfaction as ancient and modern therapies collide in positive vibes. Today is yours.  You are gorgeous all over and you can celebrate and award your energy in the highest ranked therapies in Nevada. Las Vegas best topless pools and nude spas.

The Sea Mountain Inn of Malibu originated many of the renowned exclusive concepts. This healing center continues as the most awarded adults only clothing optional nude Lifestyle Temple in Nevada catering the world’s most elite.  The doors are open in Las Vegas for your intimate pleasure.

From awarded Celebrities of Film, Music, Stage, Arts, and Sports the Sea Mountain One Love Temple Inn is now open for all to relieve the magic of the best day and evening lifestyles nude retreat in the land.

No one gives privileges like your home, the new One Love Sea Mountain Temple, nude retreat, lifestyles club, day zen, night Zen and clothing optional.  Every day there are unlimited Coke products, snacks, munchies, teas, juices, gifts, breakfast, lunch, fruits, 24-hour natural waters pools, and 24-hour lifestyles One Love Temple lounge with a pole for the day or the night! Rejoice and Praise the spirit with song and dance!

Clothing Optional

Las Vegas only clothing optional pools and gardens with day beds, cabanas, and 24-hour sexy dance club.

One Love Temple  4 naked pools for four unique lifestyles party experiences – Live and Love without the burden of clothing the best topless pool in Las Vegas.

Dissolve in warm 24-hour lifestyles dance club and couples only lifestyles experiences each day of the year.

No Matter the weather the One Love Temple provides hot pools warm robes an towels and indoor areas for the most romantic and upscale and non-body shaming day in Las Vegas and the World.

Now enjoy the romantic zen warm curative Temple water nude pools and top free and nude tanning for the most awarded VIP day in Las Vegas – One Love  Lifestyles Temple feels there is no better way to rejoice in spirit and to share your love than in a natural state.

Las Vegas clothing optional pools. Las Vegas topless and nude pools.

See why the New York Times and LA weekly Best of and the Weekly and Playboy Sea Mountain the most upscale and cutting edge adults-only resort in the USA.

Remember, at the TEMPLE:
You can always wear a towel a sarong a wrap or a robe so your comfort is the One Love concern
Every night of the year in our Dharma club and night events you can wear the sexiest most provocative lingerie. Wear something in the eves that would not get you admitted to any club in Las Vegas.  Rejoice naked or indulge in extreme lingerie in our Dharma club Zone. The Las Vegas nude resort has been hailed as the most upscale lifestyles center in the world. Each package includes food and beverages.

Sea Mountain Las Vegas is for couples and women only. There are never single men on the property at any time.

A very upscale, safe, clean, no pressure experience

Sip your drinks by the pool clothes free as the sun heats your body.

Watch the Las Vegas stars in nude bliss or party hearty rejoice at the only resort that allows you to be yourself.

One Love Sea Mountain Lifestyles  VIP Garden and Temple cater specifically to females and couples only from all over the world. The only lifestyles luxury adults-only experience in Las Vegas or the USA of its kind. It’s a safe and fun purifying, loving and meditative experience. Rejoice in song and dance.

Your Lifestyles Nude Temple of the One Love has the ultimate water, curative and nude, with the incredible heated whirlpool and pools for nude tanning and swimming every day and night of the year.  We have the wondrous naked pool Zen garden for luxuriating in the sun. You can use all our facilities indoors and out clothes-free 24 hours per day. Sip drinks all evening for romance or socializing.

All other pools in Las Vegas close by 5:00 in the evening. The Sea Mountain One Love Temple is open every day and night of the year for your ultimate pampering experience. Many other hotel pools close from October to April – Imagine you are at the best nude couple’s lifestyles pool and whirlpool open every day of the year. A truly SAFE, UPSCALE experience for those contemplating their first encounter with clothing optional recreation and retreat or those world travelers seeking a Lifestyle club and upscale nude day or night.

Feel the vibe of Jamaica, Hedonism or Desire, all day and night. It’s a lifestyle friendly, no pressure, no stress experience with foods and beverages 24 hours.

The safest environment, free of lurkers. The Las Vegas clothing optional gardens, pool, and whirlpool are for clothes-free for recreation, meditation, and rejoicing. Other Lifestyles Temple and dance areas are of course clothing optional, meaning you may wear a towel, wrap or sarong. In the evenings it’s Lingerie and Less. Dare to dance on the pole in the Dharma club and lifestyles Club. Your comfort is our gift. This is the ultimate VIP experience, no pressure Temple of the lifestyles. One of the most unique experiences in the world. Our upscale guests are of all ages over 21, from all over the world. Please be aware our pools and whirlpool areas are clothes free areas however you can wear a towel or sarong or robe as you get ready to submerge in the warm Las Vegas Topless pools and coed nude!  Enjoy a clothes-free day or night. If you have never been to a facility with clothing optional areas we promise you will feel comfortable in this very special Lifestyles Temple – While the Temple has limited amazing suites we do have up to 150 other couples who come for the day or night retreats. While other nudist resorts or nude resorts ask that you be quiet and still, we think that you deserve to chill or get up and dance, meet new friends or retreat or be Las Vegas romance in quiet bliss or sensual recapture and upscale Temple membership lifestyle fantasy unfolds.

Many celebrities come to Las Vegas and do enjoy this special opportunity for nude pool and coed tanning in this world-class Las Vegas setting. They too find it hard to find such a safe secure environment to retreat and enjoy the bliss of nudity. Whether you come alone as a female empowered, with friends, or with a lover, our passion is to please you in one of the most refreshing days or nights in Las Vegas. Meet new friends and rekindle the old. Or retreat in tranquil privacy. We never sell, rent or release any information on any of our guests at the ultimate lifestyles club.

The Sea Mountain One Love Retreat is a wonderful palace of Zen for those who love an exotic club area with nude retreats, Las Vegas  24-hour dancing and indoor area for whatever weather.  From the sensual suns of desert heat to the magical nights by the sea mountain fire pits it’s The perfect nudist or upscale couples and women only Lifestyles clothing optional experience indoors and out. Whatever the climate, whatever your attitude you are certain to find whatever desire for your day or night at the Sea Mountain.

The Temple of One Love always have special adults-only theme lifestyles club events and rejoicing on weekend nights! The nights heat up with fantasy evening and sensual private Dharma club! Reserve our weekend parties as they sell out most weekends. Dress to undress Lingerie and less every night of the year at the Dewey Dharma club. For those who rent the entire Lifestyles Temple estate for private functions such as VIP events or weddings, you may use the facilities in any manner of your comfort. We welcome groups of women Only also for un-harassed Lifestyles Temple retreat days.

See why this is the most upscale Las Vegas clothing optional experience and see why MTV and TMZ call this the sex secret celebrity resort.

Las Vegas

Sea Mountain awarded  One Love Lifestyles  Temple is JUST 5 MINUTES FROM THE LAS VEGAS AIRPORT AND JUST 6 MINUTES FROM THE CENTER OF THE LAS VEGAS STRIP. Minutes from the most romantic and spiritual land in the world.

Las Vegas nude pools and Lifestyles Club.

Directions to the Temple will be given only with a  reservation and membership to the TEMPLE

The Lifestyles Temple is easy minutes from any of Las Vegas Strips Top Destinations. A quick Taxi, Lyft or Uber or our personal limo fleet brings you to America’s Premier couples One Love Temple. Close to the action yet far from the stress. SMOLT has 24-hour limousine service available. Our Dharma Staff can also arrange private Helicopter service and International private jets to and from the One Love  Sea Mountain Lifestyles Center Temple to anywhere in the world.

Top Reasons to Go to the Holy Mecca of Las Vegas

Of course, the real reason to be in Las Vegas is to do a day, a night or an overnight at the Lifestyles Water World Headquarters Sea Mountain One Love Nude Lifestyles Temple!

Resorts – Colossal hotels present exotic themes and over-the-top amenities.

Dining – Few cities in the world can claim a higher concentration of top restaurants.

Gambling – Novices and pros alike come to Vegas for legendary casino action.

Shopping – Lavish malls and bargain outlets provide retail options for every budget.

Nightlife – Master Mixologists serve creative cocktails and famous DJs spin nightly.

Shows – Cirque du Soleil, international singers, and local stars perform day and night.

Easter Island, Machu Picchu, and other celebrated wonders of the world are certainly impressive. But Las Vegas . . . Las Vegas is a land where jungles thrive and fountains dance in the middle of the desert. It’s a place that unites medieval England and ancient Egypt with modern-day Venice, Paris, and New York.

Let your bets ride to a million dollars, or celebrate your shotgun wedding by shooting machine guns. Where else does such a wonderland exist? Nowhere. But. Vegas.

The smallish city (geographically) is larger than life, with collective energy (and excess) that somehow feels intimate. Maybe it’s the agreeable chimes and intermittent cheers from the casino floor that fade to tranquility when you enter a sumptuous spa. Maybe it’s the fish flown in nightly from the Mediterranean that lands on your plate. For everyone, Vegas is an equation where you + more = more of you: more chances to explore aspects of your personality that may be confined by the routine of daily life. It’s for this reason alone that the “what happens here stays here” phenomenon is shared by so many visitors.

The city itself has several different faces. For a dose of history, head Downtown and explore everything from old casinos to a museum that pays homage to the mobsters who built them. For fun, glitz, and glamour, head to the Strip, which itself has three distinct sections (south, center, north). For outdoor adventure, head west and south, either to the Spring Mountains beyond Summerlin or out to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead—man-made accomplishments of an entirely different sort. Along the way, you can pamper yourself at world-class spas and restaurants, engage in retail therapy at some of the best shopping spots in the world, dance the night away at rocking nightclubs, or—of course—court Lady Luck long enough to strike it rich.

Las Vegas knows what everyone wants and delivers it in spades. Megaresorts fund their 45-foot bronze lions, half-size Eiffel Towers, and towering glass pyramids with the collective desires and dollars of more than 30 million annual visitors. From a Wolfgang Puck dinner to a Wolfpack-like adventure on the Strip, you’re sure to find your perfect indulgence. Swim up to a blackjack table, chow down at a buffet, or chill out in an Ultralounge. A Las Vegas vacation disorients and delights; when you’re here, you’re all-in, and the “real world” seems far out.

The critics have praised the Sea Mountain Experience in Malibu California, Sea Mountain Beverly Hills and Sea Mountain Palm Springs California as:

  • Best Nude Retreat – New York Times
  • Best Spiritual Retreat – Working Women Magazine, Jane, FHM, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan
  • Best Romantic Couples Dance – Vibe Magazine, MTV, VH1, Conde Nast
  • Best of Los Angeles Issues 5 Years – La Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, LA Times, Vegas Weekly
  • Premier Couples Only Day Retreats – Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Spa finder, Frommers
  • Best of the USA – AOL, MSN,  Yahoo groups, Google and Bing places highest rankings
  • Top Retreat – Google, YELP, Tripadvisor, Frommer’s guides, Travel Leisure
  • The Exclusive Lifestyles Temple for Ultimate Meditation and USA Premier Couples Lifestyles Center –  Paris Match, Tokyo Times
  • Best of Esquire, Playboy, Maxim and many more

Please see our One Love Temple for More accolades but the most important ones are from YOU our members.

Day and Evening Retreats

Day and Evening Retreats Each Day and Night of the Year with Your Private Invitation to Our Temple

Rejoice in Water and Song a meditation of romance party and joy a Luxury lifestyles experience for the day and night. The most sensual days and nights on the planet at the ultimate temple devoted to the lifestyles community and those who only seek the most upscale social experiences.

Ask us about couples massage.

The One Love Temple at Sea Mountain Las Vegas Nevada


Come to the land the Sea Mountain Lifestyles Temple where all are equal and where all can be nude, in gardens, pools, Dharma Dance Lounge and indoor romance areas.  A Temple of love with only couples and women and no lurking single men. Wear a robe or a towel or sarong if you are shy of the body temple and step into the waters of the most progressive and upscale lifestyles experience in the world. Yes, the world.


Yes, you can be invited to this awarded resort for just the day, or the eve party every day and night of the year, and yes, you can come just for the evening dance, night swim, rejoice and events and Las Vegas most exclusive lifestyles events each day and night.  Weekends have earth most sensual DJs but the One Love Dharma Lifestyles club has dancing and lifestyles parties each day of the year.

Reserve a day to pamper yourself at the AWARDED Temple Nude Retreat and rage at Sea Mountain One Love Clothing Optional Temple. The ultimate adults only couples and women’s retreat – Make it a complete and luxurious day vacation! If you are staying in Las Vegas at another hotel or live in town, you are welcome to join us for one of the most refreshing days or nights of your life.

Open every day of the year, NO MATTER THE WEATHER, come enter the most glorious nude couples lifestyles retreat.


Las Vegas only couples and women only lifestyles retreat.

Come party like a rock star, live your fantasies, lingerie and fewer evenings in the hot Las Vegas Nights.  Some of the best star-gazing in the nation.  Clean air and exotic delights of the night.  Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Temple comes to life for you. Welcome to the Dance of pleasure, evenings washed in water, dance or quiet contemplation under the stars. The only whirlpool and pool open, much less nude whirlpool and pool in Nevada all night long.  A unique experience, an evening where time stands still.  An evening made by you for you. Come on kiss the sky. From Hollywood celebrities to sports and music legends, this is your VIP private time to indulge.

  • Nude style mineral water pools, tanning gardens and dozens of fruit trees.
  • Nude tanning garden cabanas and zen temple.
  • Adults only Las Vegas Day Club cabanas and day beds
  • Classic Plush Day beds and private VIP POOL cabanas
  • Whirlpool – Clothing optional spa Las Vegas the ultra-huge nude Las Vegas hot tub never closes
  • 24 hour Club One Love Temple Dance Rejoice access.
  • Lockers and towels and robes.
  • Free Wireless Internet access.
  • VIP garden nude beach pool access and seating.
  • Bottomless iced teas and juices and coffees and mixers.
  • Waters and specialty drinks all day and night.
  • Bottomless Sea Mountain beverages and foods with all day visits!
  • Awarded delivered catered lunch and appetizer snacks.
  • A buffet of sounds and feelings the Most sensual and romantic Day and Night of any club in Las Vegas.

Retreat Bliss For Two every day every night you are our Invited Guest


Experience the difference from all the other Lifestyles Temple in the world. Explore the day with your partner, friends or as an empowered woman alone for a fantastic vacation day of fantasy and adults-only retreat. The Sea Mountain One Love Temple is IS the place in the USA Las Vegas Nevada to actually live out your fantasy – Be wicked and positive for the day or evening in the warm sun nude on the entire Lifestyles  Temple property.

At the Exclusive Sea Mountain One Love Lifestyles Temple, you can take advantage of our sensual and curative mikvah water pool, unique outdoor areas, munchies beverages, dharma club and more. You never need to be separated from each other. The safest adults only and non-judgmental environment in the USA.

See why Playboy® called Sea Mountain – the Best place to be nude and romantic.  Las Vegas Best day club.

VIP One Love Day Retreat Pass

Per couple.  VIP Pass – 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM or 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM – 365 days per year – Spend the entire day at the Eden of One Love Sea Mountain.

  • Use of a deluxe cabana with your private VIP day!  Your dream room has a flat-screen LCD TV.  Designer Asian furnishings.
  • Garden curative mineral water showers and the VIP all-access pass
  • Full access to all nude pools and private retreat meditation areas…
  • Nude Las Vegas tanning on plush loungers at four pools.
  • Nude natural heated mineral water pool Las Vegas topless and nude couples only resort.
  • Club One Love Dance rejoice access – Party Zen day and night.
  • Access to the One Love Dharma Club.
  • Complimentary parking.
  • Special lunch for two.
  • Sensual wood sauna steam.
  • Unlimited ice teas, coffees, and spring waters.
  • Special reception and full award-winning day use.
  • Afternoon Sea Mountain beverages – ALL you can handle!
  • Private  Temple club areas and VIP lifestyles areas.
  • Fresh thick towels and robes and slippers.
  • Lockers.
  • Outdoor seating on plush loungers and VIP adults ONLY Las Vegas pool areas.

VIP 777 Lifestyles One Love Day Retreat Pass

Visit the lifestyles temple for the Day Invitation or Evening Invitation for the 777 visits between 10:30 AM to 2:00 AM

Per couple.  VIP Pass – 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM or 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM – 365 days per year – Spend the entire day at the Eden of One Love.

  • Garden curative mineral water showers and the VIP all-access pass
  • Full access to all nude pools and private retreat meditation areas…
  • Nude Las Vegas tanning on plush loungers at four pools.
  • Nude natural heated mineral water pool Las Vegas topless and nude couples only resort.
  • Club One Love Dance rejoice access – Party Zen day and night.
  • Access to the One Love Dharma Club.
  • Complimentary parking.
  • Special lunch for two.
  • Sensual wood sauna steam.
  • Unlimited ice teas, coffees, and spring waters.
  • Special reception and full award-winning day use.
  • Afternoon Sea Mountain beverages – ALL you can handle!
  • Private  Temple club areas and VIP lifestyles areas.
  • Fresh thick towels and robes and slippers.
  • Lockers.
  • Outdoor seating on plush loungers and VIP adults ONLY Las Vegas pool areas.
  • Available with reservation – Add-ons! – Ah! YOUR OWN Cabana.  Your dream room has a flat-screen LCD TV.  Designer Asian furnishings.
  • Ask us about EXTRA for use of a cabana with your private VIP day!

A retreat for the senses.  Your private invitation to be as daring or as wicked positive as you chose. Dress down in sexy lingerie or less.  Wear that special outfit that will get your barred from any night club in Las Vegas.  Know that this is a very safe experience, we are couples only resort with primarily female staff.  As the sun dims and your tan glows, come to the dance of pleasure be as naughty or nice as you like.  A Lifestyle experience to make new friends or enjoy your special company.  The safest environment to explore. A no-hassles, ultimate friendly, no pressure environment.

As seen in media from around the world as the most sensual romantic night and day in the world. What happens at the Sea Mountain stays in private too. Most evenings the Dharma Swingers Parties Club lifestyles experience with dance pole sexy beds VIP  sexy DJs for special dancing – What is a nude Temple or a Las Vegas lifestyles club and nude resort without a dance pole? Weekly events are happening all the time. Many people stay at hotels that are within one minute of the Sea Mountain, they come for the day and evening and use the other hotel just for their blissful slumber. Sea Mountain One love Swingers Parties Temple evenings do sell out so be sure to book early.

Weekends and extended nights available.
Available 365 evenings a year.

Lifestyles Temple Bliss For Two

Come together and stay together. Or come as ONE and experience Bliss – Today is Yours.

VIP Retreats

One Love Accommodations 21 Hour Retreats

Enjoy the Temple Retreat in one of our VIP RETREATS

Imagine staying 21 hours or 7 days in the temple.

There is nothing as exceptional as staying at the One Love Temple of Sea Mountain just minutes from the Las Vegas strip.

A lifestyles experience.

Imagine 21-hour access to the most magical sensual clothing optional Temple in the USA.  Book your supreme meditation raucous retreat call 702-497-2936 for immediate service.

  • 777 Ultimatum – 5 Star accommodations.
  • 4-Point awarded accommodations best of Yahoo best of Travel and Leisure most romantic Los Angeles Times.
  • Private VIP entry to the main pool or views of the nude pool or nude spa with special VIP hours and seating.
  • Our private estate has private areas with private bathrooms.
  • Asian dĂ©cor awarded Buddha One world art and magical clothing optional Las Vegas nude resort gardens and waterfall entry.
  • Private bathrooms with high-end art and fixtures.
  • Designer bedding and 5 diamond sheets Ritz Charlton and Four Seasons.
  • State of the art air and heat climate control.
  • Sea Mountain Comfort Robes.
  • Plush Sea Mountain slippers.
  • Color flat-screen LCD TV.
  • Complimentary spa, pools entry and event entry and special Dharma Room VIP seating.
  • In-room refrigerator.
  • Platinum complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • 24-hour club One Love Temple Gardens access and VIP Las Vegas Nude Resort Plush VIP seating.
  • Morning meals, 24-hour snacks, and beverages are exclusively yours In our private retreat for those with a personal invitation from your hosts.

Your Private Retreat package price includes:

  • Sea Mountain One Love Breakfast daily.
  • Unlimited SMI beverages and lunch delivered daily.
  • Daily reception.
  • Dewey Wi-Fi-33 complimentary.
  • Complimentary VIP Parking.
  • Complimentary meditation classes during the stay if classes are occurring.
  • 24-hour access to VIP One Love Rejoice Dance Dharma club.
  • 24-hour access to nude mineral waters pool and spa.
  • Las Vegas’ ONLY 24-hour pool Mikvah (All other pools in the desert seem to close by 7 PM and all winter heated hot, these are yours all night).
  • Feel the vibe of Jamaica or Cancun’s Desire.
  • Unlimited iced teas and coffee.
  • Full use of all VIP rooms and Lifestyles Temple Areas.
  • Meditate on your private day bed and cabana (Sea Mountain Cabanas available for donation from 10 am to 3 am).
  • No worries about finding private space.
  • Each cabana booking includes Wi-Fi-33.
  • Rejoice in dance nights access.
  • Lunch for two.
  • Unlimited fruits exclusive poolside amenities.

Group Retreats

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party and Group Retreats. Las Vegas Birthdays.


Enjoy a Bachelorette party, a group take-over, Birthdays and Women’s VIP days, Weddings in the ultimate VIP water garden  LIFESTYLES Temple. Sea Mountain is a female-centric experience with a dedicated professional well-trained staff. Enjoy VIP celebrity take-overs or exotic weddings, in the ultimate setting for party play and private relaxation – Unlike other Lifestyles Temples  and hotels the Sea Mountain Temple has the VIP  Nude pool areas to unwind and visit – You can laugh and smile and not worry about being quiet  with your friends since this is the awarded and relaxed environment – Chosen by numerous VIPs as the place for women to relax and enjoy each other as if you were all at a retreat in Hawaii or Jamaican resort – Many returns each month to re-experience the magic – Ranked as BEST OF 2002-2017  for Lifestyles Takeover groups and Women’s Events and Classes its  the party you will remember forever – The best events for groups of 3 to 400 – The raves are in.

Your VIP Event – Rates from $79 dollars per person with Lifestyles Temple and Club Dharma Temple Zen access!! – Includes the award-winning lunch for your important day and special group. We have packages available – Please call 760-251-4744 for more information – remember smiles and more are included in your private group packages – For the most exotic day – We welcome you to Sea Mountain Inn Desert Hot Springs.

The perfect place for VIP corporate events or retreats.

The sun is AWESOME – The Perfect place to TAN all year long – The ultimate secret by VH1

Dharma Club

Las Vegas Lifestyles Club

Located right next to the Nude Pool at Sea Mountain One Love Nude Temple… The ultimate upscale couples 24 hour Las Vegas Dance Experience

Imagine a club open for dance and romance every second of every day – The Sea Mountain Dharma Club a nude and a Las Vegas Lifestyles experience an intimate 24-hour lifestyles meditation and dance Lounge.

Celebrity DJs the most sensual dance pole in Las Vegas and art to make the sensual party in Las Vegas.

The world’s sexiest clothing-optional lifestyles club.  Open every day of the year for discriminating women and upscale couples only. Las Vegas only on-premises lifestyles club.

Its Lingerie and Less at the infamous Dharma Club of the Sea Mountain One Love Las Vegas. Each day and night meditate in a Lifestyles experience with special sexy DJs from across the Universe.


The incredible Sea Mountain Music pulsates 24 hours per day.

An intimate venue filled with the worlds sexiest couples and unicorns.


Rejoice in the sacred Lifestyles.

MEMBERSHIP to the private One Love Sea Mountain is private membership experience.

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  • Facebook and Instagram of sexual dating social networks. There is no place for many popular and successful social networks because if you use one or two – you will not use others, because you don’t have time and because you can already find all people at networks you use. So at the place which we will discover to you, you will find the most of sexually active people in your location and in locations you plan to visit. That place is in the top 2000 most visited websites of the world and has the biggest user base among sexual related social networks
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  • Number 1 non-censored dating app for swinger sex - the Tinder+Bumble+OkCupid+Badoo all in the same place, full of naked photos of bodies, dicks and vaginas of members who want only one thing: no string attached sex with you!
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  • Every generation the lifestyle gets to reinvent itself. Beautiful is an aesthetically charged erotic community with the highest level of guest screening in the American lifestyle.  Our exceptional guests are meticulously hand picked by our team. Beautiful Vegas is an annual Las Vegas romp of nine parties over four days.  Enjoying luxury level experiences and accommodations. Our Beautiful tribe of multi-cultural guests love the sensuous thrill of showing UP and living large.  Big bad smiles stunningly beautiful, or go home.  Our guests ARE the heart and soul of Beautiful. Like everyone that comes out to play at Beautiful.  You really do care about fashion, awesome music, cool places.  Enjoying deliciously sexy fun with happy interesting people that seriously care for their appearance.  The unique vibe of our amazingly cool guests and the…
Black Book. Inc
  • Clark > Henderson City
  • The exclusive swinger organization for those who wish to engage in specific and exotic sexual experiences.
BnJ’s Private House Parties for Select Couples and Single Females by Invitation Only
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Private pool and house parties for select couples, and select single females, by invitation only, are held at our home every few weeks. The private back yard allows for total nudity throughout and there are plenty of play areas throughout our home which allows you to enjoy if you so desire. We look forward to meeting you.
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  • Bocanegra Club is a private members club that hosts masquerade parties worldwide. Each event takes place in a secret location which is only revealed at a select time closer to the affair. Our club is for open-minded couples and unconventional singles who are keen to explore their fantasies and indulge their passionate whims while being surrounded by a luxurious, comfortable, and discreet setting.   Bocanegra Club RULES:   If you’re new to Bocanegra Club, read our suggested questions to ask other members you meet at our events. You must be 21 + to attend.​ Always ask before you touch, just say “may I join?” or speak to another member before they start playing.​ Men must wear suits or business casual attire. Ties / bow-ties are optional.…
Eden After Dark
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Have you ever felt like there was something you desired that was just beyond your reach? That if you only had the key to unlock that door, it would open you up to that world you have always wanted to be a part of? Welcome to Eden After Dark, where we offer you the key to make those dreams a reality.   Eden After Dark is brought to you by a  Las Vegas couple who are dedicated to providing the same high quality lifestyle experiences that mainstream lifestyle enthusiasts get to enjoy, but whose focus is to include those with “alternative lifestyles” who seem to always be left out. We are dedicated to providing these experiences for the vastly underrepresented…
Fantasy Swingers Sex Club Las Vegas
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • On-premise swing lifestyle club that has a pool table and also plays all music genres. This is a non-alcoholic club that charges a nightly fee.
Glitter Nights
Green Door Las Vegas
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • BEHIND THE DOOR of The Green Door Las Vegas The Green Door Vegas is a safe place where consenting adults can live out their wildest fantasies. The Green Door Vegas is the hottest social spot in Las Vegas. The club was founded in 1998 and has since then earned the title of America’s most unique social and health spa. The Green Door’s 18,000 square foot facility, in the heart of Las Vegas, provides a clean and safe environment for adults to play. No invites or reservations required. You can buy your pass or membership at the clubs cashier cage nightly or you can purchase it online to receive 10% off. What happens at The Green Door stays at The Green…
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • 6,000 Sq Ft Adult Playground complete with Dance Floor, Couples only areas, Lockers, Showers, and other fine amenities to help you live out your fantasies.
Las Vegas Chocolate Delite Private VIPCLUB
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Our activities include hosting upscale interracial swing parties, gangbang parties, fantasy fulfillment parties and in arranging select private encounters.
LOVE – Lites Of Vegas Estate
Naughty Angels
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Welcome to Naughty Angels in AZ!  We are an energetic group that loves to live life to the fullest. We enjoy meeting new people and making new friends, but most of all we enjoy making special and memorable connections. Naughty Angels in AZ provide “Devilish Desires for Heavenly Bodies”. We offer an incredible erotically charged experience for those looking for more than the average “swingers” scene. We host both social and private parties once a month. Our parties are perfect for people from anywhere from the “curious”, to beginners, to the seasoned lifestylers. Our Meet & Greet Socials are held at public clubs and restaurants.   Meet and Greets are a fun, low-pressure, inexpensive way to meet new people. It’s a…
New Swinger Saturdays
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Forget What You Know About Your Typical Las Vegas Swingers Clubs And Join. PlayhouseLV Host The Hottest Most Exclusive Private Lifestyle Events And private Pool Party Takeovers In Las Vegas. Every One Of Our Guests Are Hand Picked and Vetted. Our Exclusive Private Events Are The Hottest, Sexiest & Most Risque Nights Las Vegas Has To Offer. We Are Not The Largest Event In Town Since We Limit Our Events To 75 People, But We Are The Sexiest & Most Intimate… Do You Make The Cut… We are breaking the mold of boring, old, ugly, lifestyle events, We are a private exclusive members-only club. Everyone must be vetted and meet the member qualifications before being allowed in. We are young,…
Purrfect Las Vegas
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Attractive people are a central focus of our events. The unique balance of “Beautiful People” throughout the entire party is what keeps our parties fun and sexy & in a class of their own.
Red Rooster
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • The Red Rooster swingers club, Las Vegas, NW is swinger party for couples and singles. Established in 1982 by Mike and Chris as a natural extension of their own uninhibited sexuality. Red Rooster Las Vegas Club Rules Coming soon… Red Rooster Vegas Coming soon…
Rendezvous Las Vegas
Risque Vegas Estate
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Risque Vegas Estate swingers club Las Vegas NV, who’s Owner/Swinger Charles has opened his private residence into the premier destination a 21-year-old and up private members-only upscale Lifestyle venue. I am strategically located in the heart of the city, just East of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Our spacious grounds offer you a safe haven where you can relax and live out your calmest to wildest fantasies. I host on-premise lifestyle parties (every night except Monday) Open every Holiday. My sensuous lighting and erotic dĂ©cor encourages even the timidest of guests to leave their inhibitions behind and turn their fantasies into reality in our many playroom options Inside Amenities Include: – Heated Multi-Jet Spa – Cheetah Felt Pool Table – Spacious Group Room – Multiple…
Sin City D/s Network FetLife Group
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Sin City D/s Network is a private, pansexual, adult, alternative social group in Las Vegas, NV. This message board serves as a place for our group members to discuss living and socializing with others in the Las Vegas area and to support each other in our efforts to learn more about D/s relationships and BDSM. Local residence is not required to participate and visitors are welcome. A minimum age of 18 is required to join our group and participate on the message board. You must be a minimum of 21 years of age to attend Meet and Greets. The minimum age required to attend other events will be posted on the event page. This Board is NOT a DATING site…
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • our paid membership includes free admission to various strip clubs, night clubs, and our weekly social gatherings.
Swingers Circle Las Vegas
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Proudly Presents The Best Rated Social/Orgy Party On The Vegas Strip – Las Vegas Swingers Longest Running Weekly True Play Party in Las Vegas Comfortable For Begiinners To Experienced Safe Major Hotel On The Vegas Strip! The Party Where Everyone Meets Everyone! Intimate – InterActive – FUN! InterActive FUN Party Fun Sexual Trivia Ice-Breaker “Game” Between The Genders “As A Team” Starts The FUN For All! Couples/Single Females Party Only We Have A Party Mininum Always – You Won’t Be The Only Guests -Max 12 Couples Only Every Party Weekly Party Limited To The First  12-Couples Registered Ages 21 – 65   The “Game” at the Las Vegas Swingers Game Participation Is NOT Optional After the Social Hour, The Hosts…
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • SwingPartyVegas.com hosts Hotel Suite Parties & Special Events on the WORLD FAMOUS Las Vegas Strip. We are local residents of Las Vegas and have been hosting parties in both Los Angeles & Las Vegas for many years. We look forward to you attending one of our parties. Same suite parties, just under a sweet new name. Your enjoyment, privacy and security is always our primary focus.  In order to maintain this sexy, safe, and secure atmosphere, it is imperative all party goers share in these priorities at all times.   In essence; respect the privacy of others, do not touch unless invited, and be respectful at all times. We take pride in the sexy, safe, and inviting atmosphere that is…
The Thirteenth Floor
TheSocialClub. Las Vegas
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Swingers club hosting BYOB parties and private hotel parties, this is a members only club that offers snacks and has a live DJ. This club has a very welcoming and vibrant community and the best place for like minded people looking to start their sexual revolution.
Whispers Las Vegas
  • Clark > Las Vegas City
  • Whispers is setup on a Las Vegas acreage where decadent parties have been held on the estate since the Rat Pack era of Las Vegas.  One of the most popular lifestyle venues, the property has been a lifestyle venue for almost 2 decades.  Originally Couples Oasis, in 2017 the property was purchased, remodeled, and is being expanded as Whispers Las Vegas, a premier Couples Only venue in Las Vegas. The property features a heated outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub, indoor hot tub for epic summer parties.  Inside there are 6 play areas and a group room.  Dance floor and bar area feature club-quality audio and lighting.  Buffet and social area.  Large off-street parking area out of the site of the…
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  • A best place to start and continue your insanely active and at the same time safe sexual life. It’s a way better to start it online and prepare for meetings in real life than do it at the bar or at the night club. Even sex/swingers clubs can be a great discouragement if you visit them without preparation. BTW most swingers clubs and local sex groups have their pages at the place we talk about.

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