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Parenclub MONIQUE (Wieringerwerf) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Zuiderdijkweg 12, Wieringerwerf, Netherlands
Website: https://parenclub-monique.nl/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parenclubs/
Twitter: @clubmonique

Parenclub MONIQUEParenclub MONIQUEParenclub MONIQUEParenclub MONIQUEParenclub MONIQUEParenclub MONIQUEParenclub MONIQUEParenclub MONIQUEParenclub MONIQUE

We have nothing to hide and know that it is often the ladies who have to get that last push over the threshold. To give that last push, we have the money back system for couples and women who want to visit a swingers club for the first time. If you are present at the opening between 20:00 and 20:15 on Friday or Saturday and pay the evening contribution, you will receive an extensive tour and will have the opportunity until 21:30 to decide not to continue the evening. We will take care of the coffee, tea or drinks that you have consumed until this time and if you report to reception before 9.30 pm, you will receive the entire amount paid back. No hassle and no questions, just get your money back immediately.
Because we are very proud of the hygiene and good atmosphere that our club radiates, we are the only club to do this. We think it is very nice if you trust us for the first time. On Friday evenings we do not open until 8.30 pm and have the same arrangement, but until 10 pm. This only applies to couples  ( this is only possible with cash payment and not with debit card ).

You have been thinking about it for a long time, but have not taken the step yet.¬†We understand that it is quite exciting such a first time and just like so many other people have taken this step for the first time.¬†That is why we always pay extra attention to this group of ‚Äúnew guests‚ÄĚ.¬†When you have read our website carefully and you still have questions about it, you can always send us an email.¬†Monique will always try to answer this within 24 hours.


General rules:

  • No drug of any kind is allowed. When we observe use or sale of this, we will ask the person concerned to change clothes immediately to be able to leave the property. In this case we will not refund any money. We do not distinguish between soft or hard drugs. Also, no drugs may be taken into our location.
  • You are not allowed to bring your own drinks and water bottles. Since we use an all-inclusive price, it is totally unnecessary to bring your own drinks.¬†We certainly do not want people to be able to bring drinks of which we do not know the composition.¬†Bottles and water bottles are therefore immediately taken by us.¬†If you do not want to give these, the same sanction applies as with drugs.
  • We use an all-inclusive price, but that does not mean that we will accept it if you leave drinks half full, walk away and then order a new drink. You don’t do this at clubs where you have to pay per drink.
  • We do not allow male groups of friends. Even if it turns out that they did not enter as a group, but each separately.¬†Two or three men are also a group for us!
  • When bringing large bags, we may ask to view the contents.
  • Mobile phones may only be used in our reception. Since we want to guarantee the privacy of our guests, we request that you put your telephone in your cupboard.¬†Also no photo and film equipment is allowed.
  • The language of instruction throughout the location is Dutch, English or German. We want to understand what is being said.¬†It is also important for entering into erotic contacts that people can say what they can and cannot do.
  • There is always room for couples and single women, but single men can come for nothing if we have relatively too many men. We would like to prevent this, so if you don’t want to drive for nothing as a single man, you can always call on the day itself.

Social hygiene:

  • Do not use massage oil on our rooms, sofas and pillows. Massage milk or water-based massage gel (bodygliss, pjur)
  • Put used condoms neatly in the appropriate waste containers
  • We will not tolerate excessive alcohol consumption and reserve the right to stop serving. The employees behind the bar can decide for themselves when they have no alc.¬†drink more.¬†It is also not possible to discuss this.¬†Soft drinks, coffee and tea will always be served.¬†Even if you indicate that you do not drive or take a taxi yourself, you are not allowed to walk around tipsy or drunk.¬†The other guests should not have to be annoyed by this behavior.
  • We don’t want to shout or talk very loudly so that other guests can disturb themselves and we will always give a warning in this case.

 All sexual contacts:

  • YES = YES AND NO = NO. Everyone must accept this rule.
    Of course everyone has his or her preference and this must be fully respected. So if a hand is put back or indicated that one does not want contact, accept this immediately without arguing or grumbling. Never ask why not, but let everyone in his / her value. You can of course always look, but at such a distance that you will have enough space to move freely. Especially with a BDSM game it is important to keep your distance and not touch anyone.
  • Single gentlemen will always first neatly ask the lady or gentleman in question if they can touch her / him. If the person in question does not want physical contact, they will not be bothered or addressed further.
  • No paid women come during the gangbang / nymphonight! A gangbang is never 1 on 1, but always with several men at the same time.¬†Sometimes you have to wait for your turn.¬†Paid women are not admitted to us.

Dress code:

The dress code is already valid from arrival. Upon entering you will receive a key so that you can change immediately. Lingerie or an exciting set applies as a dress code. Towels or swimsuits such as lingerie are not allowed. There is no discussion about whether we do or do not allow it. We also consider baseball caps and bulky shoes under lingerie to be non-erotic and therefore not under our dress code. There is an adjusted dress code on special theme evenings and at the BDSM combi Saturday and Discovery party. Dominants may also wear cloth suits, black trousers with shirt, lacquer and leather these evenings. T girls can always stay in beautiful / sexy clothes on all our evenings.

Wardrobe key:
When a key is lost, we charge 25 euros for the creation of a new lock. You can also hand in your key behind the bar, but this is also at your own risk.

Closing times:
Our gate closes fifteen minutes after closing time and our dogs are released. People will therefore have to leave our site no later than 15 minutes after closing time.

For the Nymphonight it is necessary to make a reservation.¬†So don’t come without confirmation!

We do not have a reservation obligation for our other evenings, but booking does give 100% certainty on a place. We hold a reserved seat until 9 p.m. and can forgive it again after 9 p.m. So when booking it is necessary to be there before 9 p.m.

We only allow limited men without a club pass. We allow limited men without pass on these evenings to keep it fun for the women / couples present.

Often men come without a reservation and ask for an exception. Realize that you are not alone and that we do not make an exception for anyone for whatever reason. We will never make an exception for one and no exception for the other and you have taken the risk of arriving without a reservation. We will not discuss this because the rules are clear.


FRIDAYS (all inclusive price for a couple):
1st Friday of the month Discovery Party 75 euros *
2nd Friday of the month Nymphonight

SATURDAYS (all inclusive price for a couple):
1st Saturday of the month He-Bi party 90 euros *
2nd Saturday of the month Couples night 95 euros *
3rd Saturday of the month Sex Café 90 euros *

4th Saturday of the month Combi Saturday 90 euros *

SUNDAY: (all inclusive price for a couple)
2nd Sunday of the month Bi Action Sunday (July and August not)

70 euros per couple * ( very suitable for couples where the man is also bi )

SUPER THEMES: (all inclusive price for a couple)

Saturday May 30 Caribbean Party 100 euros *
Saturday August 29 Hot Summer Party 100 euros *
Saturday October 31 Halloween Party 100 euros *

Christmas Day    90 euros *

Boxing Day 100 euros *

Couples are always well off with us

During all our mixed evenings, when not just for couples, we have two separate areas for couples who do not want to interact with singles.¬†So this space is ideal for couples who only want to interact with a couple.¬†We have received a lot of good feedback about this from both couples and singles.¬†That way you know exactly where you stand.¬†On every 2nd Saturday of the month we have an evening that is only for couples and where no single men, but single women are allowed.¬†Appearance and age do not play any role.¬†Our guests vary between 18 and 70 years old.¬†Slim, full slim, it doesn’t matter.¬†We know that a lot of women are concerned about their appearance, but believe us, there is really no need for that.¬†Everyone comes here and everyone is treated with respect.

Every 1st Friday of the month our always well attended Discovery Party. This evening has been a great success for many years and there is really a lot to see and experience. Really such an evening to talk about for a long time. We request that you park immediately after this evening.
Every 2nd Friday of the month we have the Nympho night. This is the only evening that requires a reservation. This is an evening for experienced nymphomaniac women and true lovers and enthusiasts.
Every 4th Friday of the month is a bi evening with regularly something different. See also our agenda for this evening. Also great for single women.
Every 5th Friday of the month.There is an extra Friday in the month only four times a year. This evening is always the eve of a special big theme party. We therefore call it the the before. See also the 4th Saturday of the month.

Every 1st Saturday of the month we have a HE-Bi party. Bi men, bi women and bi couples also attend this evening. We ask you to park immediately on this evening due to the hustle and bustle of this evening.
Every 2nd Saturday of the month is our horny with style couples night. We started with this at the end of 2016 and were already very successful. It is a great night only for couples in unparalleled luxury. Real Champagne, super luxury buffet, luxury sushi department, luxury ice cream coupes and so we can go on for a while.
Every 4th Saturday of the monthwe have a combination evening of swingers and BDSM. So whether you come for an erotic contact or for a BDSM contact, this very busy evening is also called the Discovery of the Saturday evening! There is really a lot to see and experience in the BDSM field. We request that you park immediately afterwards on this evening due to the crowds.
The fifth Saturday of the month we have a very special theme. These evenings are always very busy. Four times a year there is a fifth Saturday in the month and we have a grand theme for which we completely convert the location in style. These are The Caribbean Party, The Hotsummer Party, The Amazing Winter Party and Halloween Party. See our agenda for more information about these evenings.

We are the only club that has many different evenings because we always want to keep it exciting and fun. So feel free to try another evening.

Single women are no longer an exception on our evenings.

Single women also feel very much at home with us and our evenings are increasingly attended by single women.¬†As a single woman you are treated with more respect than in most nightlife venues.¬†So you will immediately feel at ease.¬†To go to a swingers club as a woman you don’t have to be a Barbie, because age and appearance don’t matter.¬†Everyone is respected here.¬†Of course we often receive emails from women who are unsure about their buttocks, breasts, legs and so on.¬†Ladies, believe us ‚Ķ‚Ķ ..that is really not necessary, because here everyone is mixed up, slim, curvy to fat ‚Ķ‚Ķ it doesn’t matter.¬†Don’t be ashamed and realize that you can always be yourself here.¬†We are certainly not pushy men, but gentlemen who just know how to behave.

Paid women are not admitted.

Single men are also nowhere better than us .
Both single men and single women feel very at home with us. We talk about single men and women, but of course single men and women come to us who are married or in a relationship.

We are certainly not pushy men, but gentlemen who just know how to behave. So men who come for an erotic contact and respect a woman. We certainly do not allow groups of men! We want to make an exception for two men together, but certainly not anymore. We also do not allow groups of men to enter separately. So a maximum of two friends, but no groups. We are an active club and the vast majority of men go home satisfied and have had one or more erotic contacts. Age and appearance do not matter and whether you are big or small is not an issue. Our experience is that if you as a man are clean and fresh, you will almost always experience one or more fine erotic contacts.

In order to be able to clearly see as a single which couples do not want to contact a single man or woman, we have a separate room for couples who only want to contact another couple.¬†All other rooms and areas are for couples as well as single men and single women.¬†In this way it is even easier to find a nice contact as a single man or single woman.¬†These rooms are indicated by a marquee with the following green text;¬†‚ÄúThis room is for couples only‚ÄĚ.

The ratio between the number of men and the number of women is better with us than in any other club. This is partly because more and more single women visit our club. And that is of course a very good sign!

T-girls or any other sex.

As Swingers Club Monique we have been ahead for many years. More and more swingers clubs are catching up, but we have been open to every gender and preference for many years. For t-girls we recommend our famous Discovery party on the 1st Friday of the month, but with the exception of our couples night on the 2nd Saturday of the month everyone is welcome on all our evenings.

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