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Playhard Parties (Panama City Beach) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Panama City Beach, FL, USA
Instagram: @playhardparties
Twitter: @playhardparty1

Playhard PartiesPlayhard Parties

We are a group of friends with one thing in common…. we play hard!!!! If you are looking for events that are NOT full of cliques, boring, and where people actually play, then THIS is the group for you!

About Us

Our Focus

The focus of Playhard Parties is to provide a unique and upscale experience to lifestylers seeking to experiment in a safe environment.

Our group

The Playhard family is just that…a family. Our members are open-minded, friendly and diverse. New members are treated like old friends.

General Rules


1. NO MEANS NO. Please respect everyone’s wishes and be mindful of their limits. At our parties, it is all about the ladies, so gentlemen please ask permission before touching or joining the action. Anyone who breaks this rule will be asked to leave and will not be invited back.

2. No smoking inside of the homes  and absolutely NO drugs or illegal substances being used or brought on property!!

3. Please be mindful of your limits when it comes to alcohol. 😉

4. For sanitary reasons, please no anal sex.

5. Single males MUST be approved in advance to maintain a good balance of couples to singles (see specific thread for more single male info). Single women are always welcome.

6. Dispose of your own condoms and don’t leave them laying around!!

8. Clothes must be worn in the kitchen area or anywhere food is being served.

9. If you sign up a a couple please show up and leave as a couple.

10.  We have taken  photos at prior parties, but if you do NOT want your picture taken at all, then let us know when you arrive and we’ll make sure NO pictures are taken that would include you.  If you DO allow pictures, ALL FACES are removed before being posted!  🙂

11.  Do NOT provide address or invite people you happen to know (that may not be on this site) without first approving this with hosts!!

Single Men

While we allow single men to freely join this group, it does NOT guarantee your entry to the parties!  Please be aware that space is limited and having more men than women is NOT desirable!  Just because you sign up for a party and it LOOKS like you’re on the list, doesn’t mean you’ll receive a confirmation email with the address… you may get a “sorry, we’re full on single males” reply (so don’t assume that other single males you see on the list are coming either). Please remember that we reserve the right to invite/refuse anyone that we wish.

The BEST way to become a single male that is allowed to come on a regular basis..

1. Understand the NO means NO rule.. absolutely NO pushiness!

2. Be polite and respectful towards all the women and their men.

3. Be patient.

4. Speak with host couple before the day of the event. Single male spots are limited and go quickly.

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