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Pour Some Sugar On Me (West Chester) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: West Chester, PA, USA
Website: https://pssom.com/

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Come Play With Us

We are a group of lifestyle friends, including couples, single females, and select single males. We host adult hotel parties in the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey area.

Parties are for people new to the lifestyle, or people that have been in the lifestyle for many years.  All parties are held at a discreet location (lifestyle friendly hotel), paid security guards are there to keep non-party guests from entering the venue. Guests do not have to stay the night to enjoy the fun; Event-only tickets can be purchased and are good for all the fun.

The party starts off on the hotel floor with a small pre-party that offers light snacks and drinks.  It’s a great way to meet new friends.   At 8 pm the main party starts in the ballroom with a DJ or Band, and a cash bar.   At 11 pm,  Once upstairs meet up with old and new friends and enjoy the rest of the night.

Rules and information

Additional Information

Check-in is at the discretion of the hotel.  Please check your reservation.  Pre-parties usually are 4:00-7: 00 pm.

The main event starts at 8 pm.

If you only purchased an event ticket only you may also attend the pre-party


Some important points of information for you so that we can have a swinging’ and rockin’ night!

NO PHOTOS IN THEM & GROOM NOR THE PARTY FLOOR HALLWAY! – IF you are behind closed doors – obtain permission From each guest before snapping those pictures!!


Wristbands are required for the meet and greet and the after party. Anyone without a wristband will be removed from the party wing and the meet and greet.

In order to preserve our reputation and to continue to have banging parties, we respectfully ask our guests to understand and follow the PSSOM code of respect for our members and our hosts:

· The hotel and the meet and greet have “vanilla” guests in the area, so keep yourselves appropriately covered when moving through common areas (bathrooms, lobby, parking area, hallway, elevators)

· BYOB in your rooms and the party wing only

· Do NOT discuss our event with strangers, hotel guests, or hotel employees.

· As with any hotel stay, the hotel will charge YOU for damages including smoke, burns, broken items or unusually soiled items.

Please follow standard swinger etiquette:

· Be friendly and polite and open to meeting new people

· An open door is an invitation to watch ONLY. Please ask and receive permission before initiating any contact.

· If you want privacy, please close your door.

· Event only guests may not enter anyone’s room without permission.


· If you notice anyone not following the rules, please let us know (Debbie, Linda, Caesar, and/or security)

**Zero tolerance for anyone not following the rules. You will be asked to leave without refund for the event or the room. **

Most of all let’s Have Fun!  Let us know if you have any other questions!

Single guys, please read

We are a single male friendly group!  We host single males who are personally known to us and/ or our guests!  Single males must be approved by the hosts.  As a single male, you may be sponsored by a couple, and must be approved by the hosts prior to coming to the event!  Many of the females enjoy singles males, but we do have some that do not.  We expect all the single males to be respectful to our female guests.   Single males will be given a designated colored wristband and females that are looking for single guys will also be given the same color wristband, this will make it easier to identify our single males and those who enjoy their company.   Also please dress appropriately, no baseball caps, beanies, hooded sweatshirts, or shorts.  Remember you are trying to impress the ladies, so dress to impress!!

Bring condoms *we do not supply them! And you should not expect the females to supply them.

If we have any issues with anyone; singles or couples you will not be permitted back to any of our events, and you risk being asked to leave.

We also try to limit the number of single males, we want everyone to have fun. If there are too many males and not enough females then no one is having fun.

Please contact the event host with any question or concerns


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