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SinDay (Middletown City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: 2830 Cincinnati Dayton Road, Middletown, Ohio, USA
Phone: 513.217.7975


Club SinDay is a place for open minded adults to come enjoy themselves. There is no room for judgment or bias. At Club SinDay status and drama are left at the door and we are who we are – NOTHING MORE!

Club SinDay is a private social club – membership is required.

We offer over 8,000 square feet of social space, a clean atmosphere, and comfortable lounges. Come enjoy our comfy chairs and couches, large dance floor, BYOB bar service, finger food and snacks, and state of the art light and music systems with our DJ taking your song requests on Friday & Saturday nights.

Bring your best PARTY ATTITUDE, drink of choice, and friends – we’ll supply the music, soda,  mixers, finger food and snacks!

About Club SinDay

Welcome to Club SinDay, your next stop for hot and sexy like minded couples and singles!

We have over 8,000 square feet of plush and luxurious surroundings, within easy reach of Interstate I75.

Enjoy finger food and snacks (Saturday evenings we provide more substantial food) while listening to our fantastic dance music. Our state of the art sound and lighting systems will help you get in the party mood. Enjoy our comfortable social areas to chat and mingle with new friends or catch up with old ones. Whatever your desire, at Club SinDay you can be assured of a comfortable setting in lavish, plush, and clean surroundings.

Membership is required. Not yet a Club SinDay member? Join HERE

Hours of Operation of Club Sinday

  • Friday Night: 8:00pm to 2:00am
  • Saturday Night: 8:00pm to 3:00am
  • No admittance after 12AM (midnight); unless other arrangements are made in advance

Club Sinday Location

Club SinDay is located at 2830 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, Middletown, OH. Click here for a map and directions.

Club Sinday Contact Number


A Unique Setting

Club SinDay caters to open-minded, fun couples, single ladies and single men. Single men are invited to our Friday night parties (attending as a single) and invited to our Saturday night parties if attending with a couple. Our goal is to provide a clean and safe no-pressure environment for our guests to enjoy. Our friendly and helpful volunteer staff are always available to guarantee your experience at our Club will always be a friendly, memorable and pleasant one.

Our amenities include: complete BYOB bar service, state of the art lighting and sound systems, lounge area, lockers much, much more!

Our bar, with ample seating and friendly volunteer bartenders, is waiting to serve you. All sodas, mixers, juices and set-ups are free of charge.

Tips for the volunteer bartenders, DJs!


Please review our dress code. If you arrive at the club without appropriate attire, you will not be granted entrance. Management reserves the right to refuse entrance based upon overall appearance and demeanor. At Club SinDay we want to maintain a higher standard and reputation, so we ask that everyone adhere to our dress code. View Club Rules

A Safe Environment

Club SinDay has a zero tolerance policy concerning drugs. We will not have anyone selling, buying or distributing drugs or illegal substances of any sort on Club SinDay’s property! In the event anyone is seen by the staff or another member participating in this kind of activity, we will alert the authorities and involved parties will be detained until the police arrive.

Club Rules

These rules are established for the comfort and enjoyment of all our members. We ask that if you know of someone breaking any of them, please let any of our volunteer staff team know BEFORE you leave. We can not fix it, if we don’t know about it. They may not be aware of the rule, and a little courtesy goes a long way. We are all here to have a good time to enjoy both yourself and the company of others. There are no confrontations between members. If there is a concern, please bring it to the attention of our volunteer staff or hosts.

The first four items are common for social clubs, but they are included here because they are so important.


This is probably the foundation rule #1. Basically, the right to say “yes” is accompanied by the right to say “no”. Further explanation is neither necessary nor required. Don’t be afraid to be firm. Be polite, but be firm. Unfortunately, if you are not clear in your statement, you may be giving another person or couple the wrong impression. Face it, many guys and gals don’t understand or take “hints” too well. Although you know what you mean, there are some people who only understand “NO!”.

If you harass another member, you will be asked to leave.


This rule is very simple. “What you see here and hear here stays here when you leave here!” We don’t talk outside of the club.

No cameras or recording devices allowed in the club.

No cell phones allowed in the club areas.



Club SinDay recognizes the importance of being able to keep in touch with children and families as you enjoy your time with us. We are proud in the regard that we are the only club in the area that allows cell phone use within the club. However, picture taking, “selfies”, or use of the camera function in any way is forbidden in any “public” area within the club. This includes the main social area, restrooms, bar, smoking lounge, locker room, upstairs hallway, or any area that is open to other members.



Club SinDay has a zero tolerance policy concerning drugs. If you need to alter your mind in order to party then you are in the wrong place. We will not have anyone selling, buying or distributing drugs or illegal substances of any sort on Club SinDay’s property! In the event anyone is seen by the staff or another member participating in this kind of activity, we will alert the authorities and involved parties will be detained until the police arrive.


There will be no selling of services of any kind on the club premises. If caught soliciting, you will be removed from the club and the local authorities will be notified. Once you make your donation at the door, keep your money in your pockets.


Please have some consideration for the furniture and flooring in the club. Please pick up after yourselves. If you make a mess, clean it up – if you need help, please notify a volunteer staff member. Take a moment to throw away empty cups and plates. This is YOUR club.


The management has taken great pains to provide club members with comfortable, beautiful leather furnishings. Please take care of the club furniture and decorations. If you dance on, stand on, or otherwise abuse club furnishings or intentionally vandalize any part of the establishment, you will be asked to leave and may be asked to forfeit your membership.


Club SinDay is a member’s only club; new members will receive an Welcome to Club SinDay after completion and Approval of the Online Membership Application. To get more information, please go here.

Once your membership has been Approved, There will be a brief orientation (please bring a photo ID),  and a volunteer staff member will provide you with a club tour.

Are you an established Club member? Simply bring your membership card with you each time you visit.


Each member IS responsible for their actions & reactions to choices they personally make while at Club SinDay. Club SinDay can not be held liable for any injury while attending due to your own negligence or inappropriate behavior. If you fail to comply with club rules you will be asked to leave.


We have a very nice bar and volunteer bartenders to provide sodas, mixers, juices, etc. Bring whatever else you would like to drink. And please be RESPONSIBLE! Designate a driver. Taxi numbers are available to call. Do not leave under the influence and drive. If you have to be drunk to be at the club this is not the place for you!


There are numerous hotels nearby. To see a list of hotels and special club rates, please click here.


Club Sinday DRESS CODE


Club SinDay is an upscale social club and you should dress accordingly. Men are requested to dress in slacks (or nice jeans), dress shirts, Or nice Shirt.  – ladies, dress to impress!

The exception is when we host theme nights, when you are welcome to dress according to that night’s theme.

Please NO:

  • Torn t-shirts, tank tops, or ragged cut-offs
  • Dirty Flip-flops (summer only), sneakers or gym shoes
  • Jeans shorts, ‘baggy’ pants, or sweats
  • Ball caps, Bandana
  • other casual attire

If you arrive at the club without appropriate attire, you will not be granted entrance.


Smoking inside the building is NOT PERMITTED. A designated smoking area has been set up outside one of the side doors. While the current smoking area is basic, the management has plans to enhance the smoking area to be very accommodating. Stay tuned!


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