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The Suite Life (Sacramento City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Sacramento, CA, USA
Phone: 313131
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://livinthesuitelife.com/index.html

The Suite Life

The Owners of THE SUITE LIFE have hosted parties for over 20 years. We host a number of clubs to suit the various needs of our adults only community.

  • The Suite Life is our flagship ultra-private club. These events maintain a roughly even male/female ratio and allow a limited number of pre-screened unaccompanied males.

About The Suite Life:

  • We change the layout of the venue to meet the needs and expectations of each group.
  • The Suite Life has dancing, professional sound and club lighting and laser effects. These parties have a more traditional club atmosphere, with onsite play, of course. On busier nights we bring in a live dj to kick the party up a notch.

The Space:

  • We boast a large, but intimate play space
  • Dancing and a new dance floor
  • Music: We play a variety of music, and encourage attendees to bring music they enjoy as well. Our sound is blue tooth compatible.
  • Lights and lasers
  • Outdoor smoking area
  • Plenty of free parking
  • Plenty of Rooms
  • Lots of Social Areas
  • And more…..

We would love to assume that everyone who attends an ADULTS ONLY party, will behave like responsible, respectful adults. And the truth is MOST people do. BUT, it only takes one person to ruin the fun for everyone else. Most House Rules are common sense to most adults. We have limited to zero tolerance for violating House Rules, so read up and come prepared. Failure to read or understand our Code of Conduct and House Rules will not be considered and acceptable excuse. For those who need reminders, we must have a code of conduct and house rules

By attending our events, you are agreeing to abide by our CODE OF CONDUCT and HOUSE RULES. Violating house rules which are not considered simple courtesy, will result in a ONE TIME warning in minor cases. In more severe cases or repeat offenses, the offender will be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY, and will no longer be invited to our events.

The Suite Life Code Of Conduct And House Rules

  1. Be on time. It takes a lot of time and energy to have a fun event. We wait for each person or couple who has confirmed attendance. If you will be late or plans change, please do us the courtesy of a simple message letting us know so we can plan accordingly.
  2. Bring something to share. It might be a snack, soft drinks, beer or liquor. We provide some food and soft drinks. But sharing is caring, and a little something extra is always appreciated.
  3. Music: We play a variety of music, and encourage attendees to bring music they enjoy as well. Our sound is blue tooth compatible. If you don’t like the music, feel free to ask us to change it and we will get to it as soon as possible. But please know specifically what you want to hear. And be respectful of the fact that others would like to hear THEIR music choice too.
  4. Remember, there are no guarantees. Lifestyle parties are intended to be social events with like minded people. Attendees may or may not have the opportunity to play with others. Be friendly, social and respectful and things may fall in place for you.
  5. No means NO. It doesn’t mean maybe. It doesn’t mean ask me later or follow me around in case I change my mind. It means NO. We do suggest those who say “no” to please do so politely. “A simple no thank you, it was nice of you to ask.” will save some hurt feelings. BUT, a SIMPLE NO is still a complete sentence and should be accepted gracefully.
  6. Only touch with permission. We love the human body. If you want to touch, you may RESPECTFULLY ask if its ok. But be prepared to graciously accept NO, if that is the answer.
  7. Condoms are REQUIRED if you are playing with someone who is not your primary partner at The Suite Life. Further, if you are playing in a group setting it is common courtesy to either use condoms with your own partner, or forewarn other players to avoid any unwanted surprises.
  8. If you want to do anything other than the “traditional” activities with an agreeable partner, don’t assume. ASK if the “new” activity is ok.
  9. General hygiene is expected. That means shower either shortly before attending, or use our shower facilities. Have fresh breath. Use deodorant. Shower after play and between partners. Wear clean, neat clothes. Avoid heavy perfumes, colognes, body sprays, oils, lotions, etc. Many have allergies and too much of a good thing can ruin the evening for guests and hosts.
  10. Only join in with explicit permission. “Would you be interested in some company?” is a good start. Then be certain what has been agreed to. 
  11. If you attend as a couple, you should play as a couple, and leave as a couple. We don’t mind that two single’s arrive as a couple, but we do expect that they behave as a couple. If the lady leaves, the gent needs to depart with her.
  12. When in doubt, ask. Just because you’ve been invited to watch, or even touch, don’t assume that it will go further than you have been invited to participate. Never assume. “Is it ok to do……” is a good way to approach it.
  13. Unaccompanied men are NOT permitted in the couples only area. This includes men who arrived with a date, but have separated during the party. You may enter the couples only room ONLY if you are entering with a female. Those who cannot follow this rule will cause complaints from the couples and result in dismissal from the event. NO EXCUSES.
  14. Drink responsibly.  Its not fun for your date to have to apologize for your drunken behavior.  Over indulging will get you a bad reputation in the community, and will likely get you un-invited to future events.
  15. Dress appropriately. The parking lot or street is a public area. You must arrive dressed street appropriate. Dress to impress. No sagging pants. Upscale dress is always preferred.
  16. Socializing should be done in the social areas ONLY, and not the hallways or play areas. Loud talking is a distraction to those who are enjoying themselves more quietly/privately.
  17. Be tactful when asking if someone would like to play. If someone has arrived with a date, it is appropriate to ask for an invitation to play when BOTH are present. Asking a lady to play once the gent has gone to the restroom will get you labeled as a creeper and word spreads fast. If you are not sure, it is acceptable to ask if someone is accompanied or solo.
  18. Don’t hover. Maintain a respectful distance if you are just watching. Those who hover make others uncomfortable and will get you branded as a creeper. Again…. word travels fast.
  19. Don’t coach. That means is if you are watching someone else playing, keep your thoughts and suggestions to yourself, unless asked to contribute. 
  20. NO DRUGS. 
  21. SPEAK UP. If someone is causing you or others to feel uncomfortable or unsafe, we need to know about it right away so we can make appropriate corrections. After the fact, it is very difficult to address what “someone” did. Sometimes it is simple ignorance and these folks are happy to know they can correct their behavior and get invited back. On rare occasions, it is in intentional. In those cases, we quietly address the situation to make it stop. And the offender is removed from future invitations. In extreme cases  we will alert other club owners to give them the opportunity to avoid inviting the offender to their parties. 
  22. Be respectful of noise restrictions. We want you to have fun, and fun can be loud at times. But be aware of how loud or boisterous you might be and if that might distract others from enjoying their time at the event. OUTSIDE areas must be respectful of the fact that the nearby public does not want or need to hear what is happening at our events. It draws unwanted attention. WE WILL REMIND THOSE WHO ARE TOO LOUD TO LOWER THEIR VOICES.
  23. SMOKERS: Don’t smoke near the entry doors. Use the smoking area. Don’t litter your cigarette butts on the ground of tables.
  24. HAVE FUN: This really is about having fun with other like-minded adults. Do what you enjoy, so long as it doesn’t keep others from also enjoying their time.

Lets face it. No one really likes a lot of rules of The Suite Life. Unfortunately, after years of holding these events, there has been the occasional unacceptable ” I didn’t know…” as an excuse to violate rules most think are obvious. Lets keep it simple and fun for everyone.

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