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Young Couples Party (Crete) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: 303 E Main St, Barrington, IL 60010, USA
Phone: 1-219-2YCPCOM
Website: https://youngcouplesparty.com/
Twitter: @youngcouplespar
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCydNgEj5JsXLASRVbiml2iw

Young Couples PartyYoung Couples PartyYoung Couples PartyYoung Couples PartyYoung Couples PartyYoung Couples Party

Whether you call them swinger clubs, lifestyle clubs or sex-positive clubs, you may be wondering what they are like. Are they full of single men? Is everyone much older than you? Will you “stick out” because you are in your 20’s or 30’s?

We created Young Couples Party because we had those same fears when we started.

Young Couples Party was created specifically for you. We are a Chicago swinger club where everyone is between 21-42 years of age, we never allow single men and we have “speed dating” to help everyone get comfortable.

Simply put it’s a place where you can have fun, relax and meet 70 couples the same age as you, all on the same night. Oh, and if things click, there is plenty of great space for you to converse, get to know each other and even get intimate. There are 16 beds in 8 bedrooms to accompany the indoor heated swimming pool, indoor hot tub and dance floor.

If you’ve never been to a club, don’t worry. We know you’ll be nervous, everyone is. You may even be nervous just reading this!

We walk you right through the nerves. After registering, you’ll receive videos on consent, how speed dating works and other information just for new couples. We take the time to respond to all questions immediately, and you’ll get a private tour when you arrive at the facility.

Every event has 70 couples and single ladies attending, and every event includes 15-25 new couples and single ladies. So being young and possibly even new, you’ll feel right at home.

If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a Illinois swinger club is like, you’re in luck. Sit back, relax and press “play.”

As you watch just imagine what those playrooms are like with hot, sexy couples between the ages of 21-42 in every bed.

Young Couples Party is proud to offer amenities not found at other venues, like custom printed bed sheets, a sound system and light show in the orgy room, sex swings and lots of private rooms. Whether you want to have a 12-person group session, or just sneak away with your significant other with lots of privacy. We have you covered.

We’ve been to every venue in the Chicagoland area and we chose to rent this one for a reason. The abundant playrooms, indoor heated swimming pool, hot tub and dance floor cannot be beat. We are very fortunate to have hosted events at this sexy, clean and discrete location for the past two years.

Check out the video below to take a quick tour of our Chicago area facility and learn about all of the club amenities.

About The Chicago Lifestyle Club

Young people are dramatically underrepresented at all lifestyle events or parties, even Chicago lifestyle clubs. Young Couples Parties limits the ages at our events to between 21 and 42 years of age. That way you’re much more likely to find people you’re attracted to, share common interests with and won’t feel self conscious.


The events

The Chicago Illinois lifestyle party is the second Friday and the third Saturday of each month.

The Friday night parties begin at 8 pm and end at 2 am. The Saturday parties begin at 10 am and end at 6 pm. The events occur in a lifestyle club, which we rent. That means there are plenty of real, permanent places to have sex. The Chicago lifestyle club has 16 beds, which is important because when everyone is roughly the same age, there is a lot of hooking up that occurs!

Be sure to check the “next events” page to see which two events are open for registration and which events are coming up.

It’s not just the ages that make Young Couples Party events feel more comfortable for young swingers in Illinois, it’s the parties themselves. One example of this is speed dating, which everyone participates in. At each event we have everyone go to their pre-assigned, numbered dots and we begin. Each couple or single female spends 3-minutes talking to another and then moving. That way even the biggest wallflower leaves the event having made several new friends. It’s only about 45-minutes of a six-hour party, but it makes all the difference and it’s something only we can do because everyone is roughly the same age.

The purpose

“There is no way I’m getting naked around a man 40 years older than me!!” – A 21-year old YCP member in a thank you email.

That’s exactly it. The purpose of YCP isn’t to keep “older people out” but to get “younger people in.”

For most people, attending a swinger club for the first time is scary. That’s true for everyone when they start, and most people do not even begin the lifestyle until their 40’s! Now imagine what it’s like to be 21-30 years old and attending for the first time?

We’ve been attending events for years and while the local clubs and parties are great, they definitely all have an older crowd. What troubled us, however, is that they seemed to be getting older. We’d often see a young couple in their 20’s walk into a party, not see anyone who looked like them, and immediately walk out. It was heartbreaking to us, because we knew if they’d just stick around long enough to experience it, they’d really love it. We knew something had to be done.

In other words, maybe that 21-year old YCP member would eventually be comfortable partying in front of a man 40 years older than her, but she’s definitely not going to be comfortable doing that at her very first event.

In the “vanilla” world, we both work in public policy. We know that in order to get an under-represented group to an event, you have to hold an event for only that group. For example, if you want first-generation immigrants from Central America to attend a meeting about vaccinations, you don’t just open the event to the general public and expect new immigrants to attend. Instead, if you really value the attendance of that group, you hold a meeting just for them, and specifically invite them. That way they will know they won’t be sitting with a group of native English speakers and feeling like outcasts.

Complete Transparency

One of the things we’re really proud of at Young Couples Party is the transparency in ticketing and attendance. People attend parties to meet other people, therefore having a realistic sense of who is coming is really important. The people, for a lack of a better word, are the product.

Have you ever RSVP’d to an event and then later changed your mind? Of course you have! Unpaid RSVPs are meaningless.

We are the only event where everyone you see on the “Who is Going” page has purchased a non-refundable ticket. So if they change their mind and don’t attend, they are walking away from anywhere between $40 to $80. Therefore our show rate is around 90%. This is all intentional, so you never have to ask us how many people are attending and we never have to promote our events using hyperbole phrases like “this event is blowing up.”

Commitment to customer service

Our goal is to get young couples in clubs. We feel strongly that sex is a very positive thing, and that sexual freedom and sexual expression is a fundamental human right. Therefore everything we do is to help you get over the nerves of attending an event. We simply think your life is going to be better if you do.

If you email, call or text, we will respond right away. If you want to ask us dozens of questions, and exchange countless emails, we will be happy to answer all of your questions completely.

One quick note about that. Please do not ask us if you can attend if you’re over 42, or attend as a single male. We never waiver from our polices. We are, however, happy to make club recommendations for you. Your party options as a single male or person over 42 are plentiful in the area.

We’re not doing this for the money. These events do not make money. This is something we do to “give back” to the lifestyle community, which is something we love very much. You’re going to love it to. We can’t wait to party with you.


Party demographics

Everyone is between 21-42 years of age.On average:
The racial demographics mirror the Chicagoland region as a whole which are 53% white, 22% Latino, 17% African American, 6.4% Asian and 2% other. This is always slightly different based upon the event, but we are proud of the fact that our racial diversity mirrors the region.Also on average 95% of our attendees are couples and 5% are single females. No single males are allowed.Some of the attendees consider themselves polyamorous, others as “swingers” and still others are simply “sex-positive” that is they like being around other people who see sex as a positive experience, and not something to feel guilty about.

Why under 42?

We know that many young couples avoid clubs due to the perception that there will be a significant age gap between the average attendee and themselves. We have a number of couples in this group that are in their early 20’s. Remember how old someone 45 seemed when you were 21!Quite honestly, if you’re 50 years old, you’re going to feel like a fish out of water at our parties. Some of our attendees still live at home with their parents.

Do you allow single people?

We allow single females. The single female price is 1/2 of the couple price. Just use coupon code SINGLEFEMALE when you register, to make it half-off, and then register just as a couple would.We do not allow single males.

What should we wear?

It’s almost always ladies who ask this question when they honestly have the least to worry about. Let’s address the guys first.

Dress to impress. Do not wear tennis shoes or a t-shirt unless you are participating in the party theme. For example, if the theme is “Christmas: Naughty or Nice” and you want to wear an ugly Christmas sweater….great! If the theme is “spring break” and you want to wear a tank top because it fits the beach theme…..great! However, if you’re not in theme, err on the side of dressing up.
This doesn’t mean you need to wear designer clothes. Just go with “business casual” or better and you’ll be fine. A shirt with a collar, dress shoes, etc. You will never look foolish by “over dressing,” the guy in suit will look great whereas the guy in the oversized t-shirt will be asked to leave.

Ladies: Wear whatever makes you feel the sexiest. At your typical club there will be women baring a lot, like exposed breasts and barely-there panties. There will also be women almost completely covered. It’s entirely up to you.

Smoking? Drugs?

Smoking is not allowed inside the club. If you smoke, please attend, and you will find a smoking area outside. This applies to e-cigarettes.No illegal drugs are allowed on premises, including marijuana.

What is speed dating?

What do we need to bring?

If you’re new, you’ll need to bring in a form of identification to show that are between 21-42 years of age. No one will copy your ID or anything like that. Just look at it, and give it back to you.

You’ll need to bring your ticket, either via printed copy or on your phone to be scanned upon entry.

Mixers (soda, etc.), ice and cups are provided but you are responsible for your alcohol. There are refrigerators for anything you’d like to keep cold.

You’ll need to bring any other party supplies that you think you might need, like condoms, toiletries, etc. There are lockers in the Chicagoland location but you’ll need to bring your own lock. There are not lockers at the Des Moines location, so please leave all valuables in your vehicle.

Hotel Info, and Spending night at club

You can stay the night at the Chicagoland events but not the Des Moines events.

In Chicagoland, when you arrive the receptionist will ask you if you’d like to spend the night. If you answer yes, she will help you choose your room. These rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis. If you want a private room, I advise you to arrive at 7:30 so you can choose from all of them.

The rooms are the sex/play rooms. However, they are relatively clean, safe and quiet after 2 am and clean sheets are available. You can make yourself more comfortable by bringing your own pillows and blankets.

We understand that sometimes people drink more than they planned to. You can always stay at the club, even if that wasn’t your original plan. We may run out of rooms towards the end of the evening, but we will find you a place to sleep. Please, please, please do not drive home while intoxicated.

If you’d like to get a hotel, please use this entry point into booking.com. If you do, YCP gets a commission which is always needed and greatly appreciated! Major karma points for you.

What about STDS?

The party is definitely not an orgy. It is like any other bar or nightclub, only the people are much nicer and if you meet someone or a couple that you click with, there are places that you can have sex.

As with any other sexual situation, feel free to talk with potential partners about safe sex, stds and ask if they have been tested. No one is going to think you’re weird for asking, in fact, they will appreciate your responsibility.

If you’d like to get tested, we recommend using this company and using this link.

What are the rules of swinging?

The most important rules are to always ask before touching and get an enthusiastic “yes.” There are some additional club rules like “no drinks upstairs” that will be explained on your tour.

We don’t think we’re ready for this. We’re new!

We’ve been in the lifestyle for ten years. If you are meeting people via websites you will likely have far more drama than you ever would at a club. We have tried this multiple times. You chat with couples online, then agree to meet in person where you may find they no longer look like their online photos or you don’t have chemistry with them but are now stuck in an awkward dinner arrangement. Or you may find that you have great chemistry and meet up several times, however at some point, a “break-up” will happen…meaning that one couple will want to keep meeting but the other just won’t be “feeling it” anymore.

When you attend a club, you have the opportunity to chat with several couples without the awkwardness. Attendees range from those who just enjoy the atmosphere, to those who like to play with their significant other in a thrilling environment, to full-swap swingers, and everything in between. If you and your significant other can be comfortable being in the presence of naked people without jealously then you will be fine.

I don’t have the perfect body, will I fit in?

This is a question that we hear a lot. You will find that there is every type of body at our events. Swingers come in all shapes and sizes. Believe us, by 10 pm you will be so comfortable you’ll feel like you’ve been attending clubs for years.

We’re new, what if I can’t perform?

This is so common. Many young, healthy men who have never had an issue suddenly discover they aren’t invincible in a club. Even if you aren’t feeling nervous, your penis might be. If it happens, shrug it off as best you can, it will be better next time, most likely. Again, trust us….it is common for new swingers. Most men in the lifestyle use an ED drug (Viagra, etc.), for this very reason. Bluechew is the go-to product here because it’s chewable, and therefore works faster than a pill. We are an affiliate, so when you purchase using this link (plans start at only $20 a month), it helps YCP continue to grow!


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