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Sex During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemy if You Practice Swingers Lifestyle

Listen this article on Youtube:COVID-19 (coronavirus) is passed on through droplets that come out of your mouth and nose when you cough or breathe out.COVID-19 is not a sexually transmitted infection, however, it can be passed on through kissing and close contact, including having sex.So health experts advise avoiding sexual contacts excluding partners you living …

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Swingers Club Horror Story: We Were Touched, Groped and Masturbated To Without Consent

The number one rule of a swinger’s club is consent, and nothing happens without it. Or at least, that’s what our local swingers’ club website said. When we stepped in for the first (and last) time, we had no idea what reality had in store for us.

We were 21 when we were ready to experiment, and after months of talking about going, we were finally in the parking lot of the local swinger’s club.

Except we immediately started doubting ourselves.

We went to a swinger’s club at 21 and seduced a couple twice our age on a bet

For a handful of seconds, as we stepped in the swinger’s club, all eyes were on us. Everyone appeared to be in their 40s and up, and even the youngest couples were in their 30s. So how did we, a 21-year-old-couple, end up being the center of attention in a swinger’s club?

We were 18 and together for over five years and had spoken about a threesome a few times before. But it was something we agreed would only happen “someday”. We were both turned on by the idea of having someone else in bed, but neither one of us really expected it to really come true. We were happy with our own company and our occasional daydreams of being with another.

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